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Keep it Simple v2


Mosey to field, and 12x SSH, IW, LSS, Plank (regular, right side, regular, left side). Can opener stretch. Cossack squat to Sun worshipper x5 both sides.

Mosey to other side of field for some fire drills. Circle up and perform exercise such as high knees. After 30 seconds or so, a Pax yells “fire”, drop roll, resume. Repeated for two rounds each Pax changing the exercise.

Mosey back to COT to grab some goodies out of the back of my car. Two coupons, a medicine ball & a jump rope. Mosey to the road, and begin with a circuit of exercises up the road.

Each cone has an exercise on it. Do each exercise for 10 reps. Staring at cone 1 (Thruster) use the coupon, or ball to do 10 reps (modify to jump rope as needed), then run to cone 2.  The one variation is that if the exercise involves travelling, do that between cones (for example do High Knees to the next cone).

Cone 1: Thruster
Cone 2: High Knees
Cone 3: Merkin
Cone 4: Big Boy
Cone 5: Bear Crawl
Cone 6: Burpee
Cone 7: Squat
Cone 8: Mike Tyson – run back to cone 1, repeat

The plan was to do one less cone each round, but we ran out of time after two rounds.

Return to COT for 5MoM, Pax lead Box Cutter, Flutter, Freddie Mercury, Big Boy, and Burpee & Heels to Heaven

Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama

Thanks and family photo (we didn’t know of any announcements).


I recycled this Weinke from a workout almost exactly 1 year ago. The original had an increasing ladder which is probably more painful (a lot more thrusters). I recall that one was particularly rough, but today’s wasn’t much easier.

Key lesson is to minimize the preliminary activity and jump right into this routine. While it is a simple routine, it eats up the time and the Pax’s energy & will to live. I won’t wait a year before I re-use this one again.

Happy New Year

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