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New DiCCS ‘S’: Santa certification

School’s out? Six PAX disagreed and showed up at The Body Shop on 12/23 for their 2021 Santa Training Course.


Mosey to the track for a lap, stopping for:

  • 12x IC chimney climbers
  • 12x chimney jumps
  • Swing back to pick up a late-arriving One Star
  • 12x IC snow angels
  • 25x IC Moroccan night clubs


Reindeer driving

  • Supine position for 12x IC driving (similar to battle ropes)
  • 12x supine pull-ups
  • Repeato
  • Run a lap
  • 1 more set of the supines

Mosey to the rock pile for a lifting coal, er, rock, take it to the parking lot, return for a running lump of coal.

Making a list:

  • Nice List: 12x BB then run to far end of the lot for 25x American Hammers. Run back to start. Repeat.
  • Naughty List: 12x Mike Tysons the run with your coal for in-outs with coal. Run back to start. Repeat.
  • Nice: 12x then run for 25x calve raises. Repeat.
  • Naughty: 12x , run with coal, 25x American Hammers with coal.

Load Santa’s Sleigh:

  • Rifle carry coal to first arrow, sprint back, 5x merkins, sprint to arrow to get coal and rifle carry to next arrow, sprint back and so forth for 5 arrows.

Head back to COT, returning Lumpur of coal. 12x Elf Jacks to finish.


“Site Q says that every time a kettlebell rings, an angel gets its wings!”

Unfortunately, we only had rocks at The Body Shop, so it’s not clear if any angels got their wings on Christmas Eve Eve, but the PAX tried. YHC considered a Festivus-themed workout, but after Fuse Box’s opus magnum from two days prior, there was no use in trying another one this year. And that same BB decried the overuse of any “12 Days of Christmas” themes (which YHC went with last year at Impromptu), so that was out the window. Instead, it was time for Santa Training.

What all this really means is that the PAX had to be prepared for crazy theme and exercises from YHC. The pseudo-TRX moves on the swings were a real crowd pleaser and yanking and beating comments not appropriate for all audiences. Can’t we just practice driving our reindeer?

There were grumblings about the pavement, understandable modifications due to recent injuries, and general angst over calling for running rocks, but, just like the sweet spirit of Christmas washing over the heart of a big city executive as she visits a small, mountain town and find her soul mate in a Hallmark movie, the spirit of YHC’s weinke rubbed over the PAX fit a brighter morning. YHC knows because he said he’d drive back to recover the rocks later, but the Grinchiest of the PAX suggested we go ahead and return the rocks. Everyone at The Body Shop will remember that the Grinch’s heart grew the sizes that day!

Huge thanks to Posse and Fuse Box for making the trip up north — visits from Waxhaw proper are truly appreciated. Great to see Deep Dish and Tanyatine back out again and T even finding soft respite for his 6 in the mulch. And we can’t forget One Star who may arrive hot, but does not skimp on his lifting rocks.

YHC had a good time leaving the PAX at The Body Shop and will have to wait until next year for the other Christmas-themed exercises that we didn’t get to. Added bonus was the 2nd F and semi-3rd F afterwards.

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