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Diesel says goodbye to 2021

It’d been a while since I’d been to Diesel and even longer since I lead a workout there. Would I be able to lift a coupon? Could I remember how not to run?

8 pax in this ridiculously warm NYE weather. 60 degrees on December 31st and the mist was swirling. DiCCS done in the 30 seconds leading up to 6:30. Go.


SSHs, Walkers, Stretches, blah blah blah

The Thang

First up, some 7s. Chest Presses on the far curb and Weighted Squats on the near curb. 7 LBCs every time you pass the middle line

Next a little Starfish action. 2 Blockees in the middle each time with Plank Jacks, Bomb Jacks, Smurf Jacks, and Diamond Merkins in the corners. 10 reps each

Repeato on the Starfish but drop the Blockees and do Squat Thrusters instead

Next up, get in groups of 3. Partner 1 at one curb doing Mike Tysons and Big Bois. Partner 2 at the other curb doing Step-Ups and Curb Dips (put your block on the curb so you’ve got some extra height). Partner 3 Rifle Carries or Farmer Carries their coupon between the other two. Pax doing the exercises on the curbs can do either of the two exercises or alternate between them but must be constantly moving. Repeato until all partners have done each station 3 times

Finally, a little Paula Abduls on the parking spaces. 2 lines up, one line back. Start with 10 Curls up and 5 Tricep Extensions back. Repeato for a few rounds then drop your coupon and switch to 10 Dry Docks up and 5 Merkins back. Lunge walk forward and Crawl Bear backwards. Repeato until we’re out of time


Diesel may not have running but that doesn’t mean we’re stationary. We logged right at a mile today…of Rifle Carries! Great job this morning guys. Hopefully you’re still able to raise a glass to toast this evening


Wheelchair Ramp Building – Saturday January 8th from 11:00am to 3:00pm – Great 3rd F opportunity to help someone in need. Materials provided. Need tools and willing hands. Check GroupMe for more info

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