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Wait that’s tomorrow?

I vaguely remember telling Ricky Bobby and/or Schneider that I’d Q today. But that was a long time ago…like last year! I’m not saying I forgot but I definitely didn’t remember. Not to worry, I make these things up the morning of most of the time anyways.

So Chicken sends me a text at 8pm last night asking if I wanna ride with him and O-69 in the AM. Sure, I’m game. Then this morning at 3:52am I get a text saying the Chicken is out. Also turns out he never confirmed that O-69 was posting. So now I’ve got a grumpy (well, grumpier than usual) O-69 driving us to the AO, which we arrive at with 2 minutes to spare. Great job Chicken!

DiCCS – FNG, son of the newly minted Beluga, identified. Let’s mosey


It was a cold one this morning so I wanted to make sure we had a good warmup. Sounds like a lot of guys were pretty sore about Ice9’s lack of warmups yesterday at Flash. A mosey around the front loop of the middle school and circle up for SSHs, Moroccan Night Clubs, SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, Calf Stretches, Glidah Stretches, and more SSHs. Next up a “faster than you’re comfortable with” run up the hill to the entrance. Pick up the six then back to the entrance for more SSHs. Back down the entrance road to the bottom of the hill for a final round of SSHs. Mosey to the four square parking lot for…

The Thang

Progressive 4 Corners: 5 Merkins, 10 Big Bois, 15 Jump Squats, 20 Speed Skaters (2=1). If you finish first complete the remainder with the six

Line up on the curb facing the opposite curb. In cadence, 10 Low Slow Squats, 10 Low Slow Merkins, 10 American Hammers (2=1)

Suicides (sprint!) to the middle and back then the far curb and back

Repeato on the curb with 15 Low Slow Squats, 15 Low Slow Merkins, and 15 American Knock-Outs (2=1)

Suicides (sprint!!!) to the middle, back, to the far curb, back, to the middle and back

Long mosey to the front loop at the middle school

Reverse Air Press/Donkey Kick Webb – 40 Air Presses and 10 Donkey Kicks. Down to 32 Presses and 8 Donkey Kicks

Long mosey to the rock pile by the playground. Partner up and grab a lifting rock for each team

100 Curls, 100 Tricep Extensions, 100 Bent Over Rows between the two partners while the other partner runs to the far curb and back.

5 minutes remaining so quick mosey back to the front loop to do a few more of the Air Press/Donkey Kick Webbs. We made it down to 24 and 6 before needing to move on.

A final mosey back to COT and 18 Flutters in cadence as time expired.


We had 20 guys this morning at Watchtower alone. With the temps hovering around 28° that’s pretty impressive. A few notable mentions: It was great seeing Beluga attending his second workout, especially after enduring an Ice9 beating at Flash yesterday. Even better, he brought his son out as well. He earned the name “Rosetta” due to his fluency in English, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese! I hadn’t seen Elmer’s, Chipotle, or Big Tuna in quite a while so it was great seeing them out. It’s possible we just missed each other at different AOs but happy to see them nonetheless.

Reminder: It’s cold outside. Bring your gloves. Also, the asphalt at Weddington will destroy your sissy, well-manicured hands and your ice cream shoes too. Again, a good idea to bring some gloves. If you need a recommendation, grab some of these:


3rd F Ramp Building Project – This Saturday from 11am to 3pm. A gentleman has requested assistance building a wheelchair accessible ramp so he can enter and exit his home. He’s currently unable to do so without the assistance of his wife and neighbor. Details on GroupMe

EFFEES – February 4th – More details to follow. Fun night of made up awards, food, and merriment. Mark your calendars. NOT 2.0 or M friendly

Waxtravaganza Part Deuce – February 12th – It’s a Saturday, half-day, CSAUP of 13ish miles with multiple mini-bootcamps and plenty of 2nd F along the way. Go ahead and warn your M now that you’ll be gone all morning, take a pit stop for lunch and then probably need an afternoon nap.

Blue Screen took us out

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