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Serving up vertunkenflunken at The Appetizer in Betty White’s honor

There was vertunkenflunken to be had as The Appetizer and YHC paid tribute to Betty White on 1/4/22. Betty was her own warm-up act for one of her early allows, pricing there was no need for a warm-up tonight. Time for business.


Just like the theme from “The Golden Girls,” we “traveled down the [Reid Dairy] road and back again,” stopping at various light poles for 9 sets of 11x IC alternating shoulder taps.

Mosey to the track, feeling slow like old women. Various exercises around the track then to the swings:

Alternating between arms and abs, we got in 99 supine pulls and 99 crunches.

Mosey to the far parking lot to go over the hill for some monkey humpers — the Blanche Devereaux, in this case — and back down for calve raises and 99 Hammers. Throw in some hops over the big school sign and it was time.


YHC likes a goofy twist and having just watched a documentary on Betty White after her recent death at age 99, it was an easy choice. If you didn’t watch much Golden Girls — or had way more exciting Saturday nights than I did in middle school — give it a whirl you’ll laugh a plenty.

This weinke did not have any ugelflugel (hide and seek for adults) and we did not enjoy hupaflagel cake (cake that will fall if the slightest sound is made), but we thankfully avoided any gerkakenaken (the exact moment when dog feces turn white) and our tutenbobels (cheeks of the butt) were well protected during American Hammers.

Great work C3PO during the workout and for putting up with YHC. Thank you for being a friend, my pal and confidant.

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