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Run Chicken Run

DICCS – covered

Warm Up- fast pace mosey up hill to first circle island

  • Jimmy Dugan stretch
  • Plank- Runners Pose right and left
  • 10 merkins

Mosey to second traffic island so Wolverine can shred some clothing..

The Thang

Between both islands there are 5 roads we will use and the two parallel roads of Landau and the Parkway.

The middle streets will be 5k pace and the parkway and landau will be recovery pace. Stop once on last road and wait for 6 and regroup.

Rinse repeat but this time the Parkway and Landau are the 5k pace roads and the 5 streets are the recovery roads. stop and regroup at traffic circle

Now we will complete one long mosey down Landau and back around the parkway using Hudson Mill, Jude after you pass 3 roads hit your better than 5 k pace- yikes… and mosey on the parkway and Landau up to the 3rd road. ugh!!!

Complete two more circuits on the roads between Hudson Mill and Jude with interval training like we did at beginning then mosey back to COT.

HOLY HECK– 6.5 Miles with a ton of hills, speed work and heavy breathing…


I am not sure at what weak point in my life/day that Ghosted trapped me into Qing pursuit but somehow, he did!! UGHHHHHH.. There really is nothing worse than showing up at Pursuit and seeing Wolverine, Flip Phone, Ghosted, Robo Call, Hollywood and Bratwurst staring at you like you have their drugs in your pocket. These dudes are freaking beast and if there was a positive in this morning it was that two of the mileage-crack-heads went trail running (Hollywood and Bratwurst) and I only had to keep 4 of them interested in my work out for 1 hour verse 6 of them without dying… STILL HORRIBLE. Overall, I believe the PAX got what they came for miles, hills and interval work and they all crushed it…

But in all seriousness, I actually love Pursuit since it pushes you to brink of a mental and physical breakdown and I could not think of a better group of dudes to go through that with– I appreciate the push today and hell of a job by all. I Highly suggest if you have not or do not think you can do Pursuit GET OUT THERE – this group is supportive and will make you better– I would never call out anyone for not showing up to a pursuit on a BB except …Schnieder, Ricky Bobby, Recalculating, Easy Button, Rockwell, Chastain, Surge, Inspector Gadget or Zinfandel — so to you others get to Pursuit!! hah


0-69 is celebrating is 2nd year anniversary today– CONGRATS BROTHER

Ramp building 11-3pm- this Saturday– check the channels

Christ Closest- needs help reach out to Ghosted, TurnBuckle or Surge PLEASE.


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