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WhineZ and Cheese

32 for a great way to wrap up the week. The Swarm dudes had their “hoses” out, a few ruckers and the Impromptu crew were all ready to roll.

Lots of thoughts on how to start off a new year; goal setting, looking back at 2021 results or just simple reflection. But to advance the needle in any aspect of life -you need to set a baseline and then measure against the baseline. So with that said I decided to bring back a min-AMRAP this morning so we could all set a baseline for our physical state. This was met with a chorus of “boos”, whining as expected, but also some “cheers”. A mixed crowd.

Disclaimer, Safety, Cell, CPR, at your own risk


Quick mosey around the lot to the middle school path. Various moves at each light as we worked our way down the path—I started to point out the various stations with exercise for the main event.

Warm-up Event – to get get the blood flowing. From the middle of the path: partner up. Each partner runs opposite direction to next light pole- does 5 bomb-jacks met back at the middle and do 5 hand slap merkins. repeat total of 3 times but moving to the next furthest light pole each time.

Main Event – AMRAP path loop around back of middle school.

AMRAP Disclaimer was given: Your count is your count -not your neighbors.

Form has standards.

Stations spread out – start with 15 bobby hurleys at intertestion/15 mike tysons at alcove/15 step ups at cafe tables/15 donkey kicks at the Poop Palace and bear crawl cut out path to bball field. Rinse O and Repeat O for 20 minutes.

So this shorter time felt like a sprint – maybe this is a better format – looking for feedback.

23 Impromtu-er’s took on the course. I am humbled that men followed me and the effort that everyone put in. This isn’t a trophy sport, nor do we each get a participant medal just for showing up. A main credo of F3 is No Man Left Behind – but stronger is No Man left where he was (or something like that). The folks that round back for the six help grow our numbers and keep the FNG’s engaged—we need you. We also need the folks that are out in front to push us. Hats of to Chicken and Chatterbox for that today.

Calling all Pax – reach out the person that was in front of you today. Send them a msg “Hey man – you were in front of me and that made me keep pace- I appreciate you pushing US.”


Christ Closet Furniture pickup needs assitance

Ramp build in Monroe Saturday 11am – see Fuse

Family in Walnut Creek that lost their family – lots of opportunity to help them out – see Mad Dog.

Welcome FNG – “Doubtfire” Steve… (last name?) brought out by surge and lives across street from Plunger.


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