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Am I on Q

I was enjoying my day watching football when I got the text from Surge. Glad he reminded me of my Q today. I had no idea. But Cuthburtson has plenty to offer so putting down a winkie was not hard. Plan was to get the pax warmed up quickly. DICCS given and off we go. Mossey to high school entrance via transporters shed. It was little more than 1/2. Step ups as we wait for the six. 20 high knees and some warm-ups.

Run to the alcove’s along high school. 15 mike Tysons in the 1st and 20 donkey kicks in the 2nd. 5 Burpees back at the high school entrance. Rinse and repeat 3 times. Run to the benches near geeb jungle. 20 dips. Run the the round about near geeb jungle. Run between the round about’s with 20 American hammers (2 =1) at one end and 15 big bois at the other. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Run to transporters shed for some air presses and merkins. Time to return to COT. Finish with merkins and lbc’s.

It always good to Q. It gives and extra push to work hard. Amazing group of pax. Everyone pushed hard. Always great full for the opportunity.

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