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Clash of the “Titan”!!

Well, after just over 3 months of doing F3 and loving every minute of it, I, along with the rest of you, had the pleasure of enjoying (if you’re a masochist) a true Metro beatdown from the man they call Titan. This was courtesy of Ice9’s invitation for some guest Q’s to Ignition.


I’m really not sure you call it a “warmup” because we basically went into a shoulder burning nightmare straight out of the gate and never left COT! No “mosey” with the usual side-straddle hops followed by calf stretching and watching Bottlecap do his upward dog thing. Side note-shoutout to Bottle Cap for coming sleeveless and showing off the pull-up challenge guns!

The Thang

Since I didn’t personally write this weinke I will do my best to recall the madness but I’m sure I won’t do it justice.

Track Round-about Area

-Ran from COT over to the round-about and planked up on the curb. In cadence we move laterally left and right while still in plank position multiple times continuing the shoulder burn we started at COT during the “warmup”!

Student parking lot

-10 hand release merkins at every light pole on the left up the hill towards Cutty road.

-Run back to the middle of the lot for abs- LBC’s, flutters, and a few other exercises.

-Run to the Geeb Jungle round-a-bout to plank on the curb. We did one-handed planks with the other arm raised in the air along with the corresponding leg. After that shoulder taps in cadence. We were here for awhile.

-Run to the top of the student lot (driver’s-ed area) for Mike Tysons along with forward and backward bear crawls. I never realized how much I hate bear crawls until today.

Champion Forest

-Ran 1/2 mile down to the stop sign at a very quick pace. Holding squat position while waiting for the 6.

-Ran the next 1/2 mile at a quicker pace to the bottom of the cul-de-sac. Squat for the 6 and then Rosalita’s and flutters.

-Ran 1/2 mile back to the stop sign where we came from at “jailbreak” pace without throwing up. Holding squat for the 6.

-Ran back to the entrance of CF with two groups performing an Indian Run with the last pax sprinting to the front. Of course I was stuck in Ice9’s group so the mosey pace Titan called out didn’t stick!!

Scaling the Wall (definitely a new one for me)

-Jump over the wall near the HVAC units in front of the school and perform 5 merkins. Back over the wall and then repeat.

-Run back over to COT for some additional bear crawls (both directions) and more Mike Tyson’s before calling it a day.


Awesome job by all pax today coming out to push themselves and support Titan for making the trek to Waxhaw. Again, special shoutout to Ice9 for stepping up to help both Schnitzel and myself as brand new site Q’s to Ignition.


1/15- Funeral service for Dad who passed away leaving 4 kids behind at Fivestones Church.

1/28 +29th- Christ Closet folding party with keg of beer!!

2/4- Effies

2/12- Waxhawextravaganza!

Standing announcement- Rice & Beans Ministry needs snacks (granola bars, cheese crackers, chips, and candy). See Ghosted with any questions or drop-offs.

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