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Cowbell Part II

Headed over to Petsmart for Cowbell with my little friend (new 25LBs KB); pulled into lot at :25 after and saw Elmers pulling away. What the heck is going on? Elmers rolls down his window “Workouts done man, what are you doing?” Exactly, what the hell am I doing— clock says 6:25—ooops – had the Snapple Watch alarm set for Saturday hours. So what ya going to do -improvise workout.

Warm up – Mosey big lap around back of Hickory, Chick and head back to Petsmart. SSH, Night Clubs, Merkins.

The Thang:

20 single are KB lift each arm – Run to Hickory for 20 Step ups

20 KB swings – run to Target

20 Goblet Squats – run to Hickory for 20 Step ups

20 Big Boi with KB – Run to Target

10 KB Burpees – run to Hickory for 20 Step Ups

2 Rounds – 3 miles total

No mumble chat, no joking, no brothers, no farts, no snot rockets, no announcements – lonely COT — solo workouts blow

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