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Long road to VQ

January 6, 2022

After several delays, it finally happened. That’s right, my VQ actually occurred.

A little backstory:

I’ve known Chastain for many year; our boys are best friends with each other. He first invited me out to F3 in December, 2020. However, my very first workout was at Cowbell on April 21, 2021. I guess you could say that I “thought about it” for 4 months!


Fell off a ladder on May 17th, 2021 and broke my left elbow.

Had surgery on May 21, 2021.

A few months of sitting on my ass and eating crap and wouldn’t you know it, I had put on about 15 pounds!!

Came back and joined the MASH guys for several weeks.

I finally felt ready to do a full workout in the late summer/early fall, but I was conspicuously quiet when site Qs would call for volunteers to Q.

Scheduled to Q at Asylum on October 4th, had to cancel (sorry Flanders!!). Chastain stepped up for was my Sub-sti-Q.

Scheduled to Q at Aspen on November 11th, had to cancel (sorry Swimmers!!). Chastain AGAIN stepped up for me.

I asked Chastain to Sub-sti-Q those times because TOOOO much going on in my life during those months. I love F3, but sometimes you need to take a step back to focus on PRESSING family issues. My son was going through some VERY SERIOUS depression that completely threw our family into a tailspin. He’s better now, knock on wood, but we’re not 100% out of the woods (yet). Some of you know more details about this; I’ll leave it there. 

Fast forward to December 2021, and I tell Swimmer (Again!!) that I would Q Aspen on January 6th. NO backing out now!!


Mosey to the side of the parking lot.

Why is there a garbage truck over there that’s about to back up and run us over? OH, THE IRONY!!

SSH X 10

Low Slow Squat X 10

Low Slow Merkin X 10

LBC X 10

The Thang:

Mosey to front of school and partner up.

First Thang:

Partner 1 runs from benches in front of school to the yield sign in front of flag pole and then back to benches.

Partner 2 goes through AMRAP consisting of:

Inclined Merkin

Step Ups



Swaperoo when running partner return to benches.

Rinse and Repeat until both partner have done all 4 exercises at benches.

Mosey to the Track

Second Thang:

Now for something completely new!!!

I wanted to try something new. I found an Android app that randomly picks among two values.

Value number one would be number of reps to perform.

Value number two would be the I chose exercise to be performed.

Sorry Gerber, but this app isn’t available for crApple!!

See the screenshots below:

See the orange “Play” button that I circled in red below?

That button will generate a random number (7 in this screenshot) and a random exercise (Squats).

Another example, 9 Bomb Jacks.

Individually now, run around the track and then hit the button to see what exercise you’ll do!!

You could get 1 LBC or 10 Burpees. Who knows?!?!? It’s a TOTAL crap shoot.

Continue this little Russian Roulette AMRAP style!

Next up, waited until everyone was at the start/finish line. Now one person hits the button and we all do the exercise as a group without running around the track. I was thinking / hoping?? that this would lead to some conflict among the PAX when someone hit the button and got a result that called for high reps of a strenuous exercise. Happily, everyone took it in stride!

Mosey back to bus lot for cool down and strentches:

On your back, knees together, tilt knees alternating L to R.



Back Scratcher


Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to my VQ.

Having had my first Q, there are some adjustments (tweaks?) that will be made next go-around.

Peace Out, Brothers!