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When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

There was no cute theme for the workout this morning… It was too damn cold for that and being that the holiday season is over, I couldn’t easily think of one. I did get some pull up assist bands for Christmas so I decided to bring those along with my dip bars to spice the workout up a little bit. 30 seconds from start time and we only had 6 guys, but a few stragglers rolled in which brought our total to 10. Quick DiCCs and then off for a mosey around the parking lot.

Warm up:

Seal Jacks x 15

Toy soldiers x 15

Low slow squat x 15

Mountain climbers x 15

Rifle carry coupon to the front of mount chisesled.

The Thang

1 minute each of:


Front squats with block

Flutters with block

run lap around Mt. Chiseled after each exercise

Rifle carry back to COT for 10 stations plus timer:

Timer runs lap around parking lot

  1. single arm coupon row
  2. bar dips with band assist
  3. single arm dumbbell snatch
  4. jump rope
  5. offset merkins on block
  6. inverted row
  7. lateral lunges with dumbbells
  8. box cutters
  9. curls for the gurls
  10. bottoms up kettlebell press

1 round of that for everybody, then line up for

Walking lunges to 1st island and back

Bear crawl to 1st island, crab walk back

Finished up with a countless Dolly as time expired.


Thankful for everyone who showed up today despite the frigid weather. I was surprised by how much my pain tolerance was increased by the fact that I was Q — I had my gloves off for a while during the first part of the workout so I could operate the Tabata timer and I wasn’t as cold as I thought I’d be. I also ran more than I usually do which is a plus. It was good to see Soft Pretzel out in Waxhaw getting his passport stamped. @fusebox was an encouraging presence as usual… much appreciated. @tuckandroll took one for the team prior to the workout and timed a lap around the parking lot + Mt. Chiseled for me. I don’t think I heard @loafer say “OH YEAH” during the workout today so it didn’t completely feel like a Chiseled workout. The @possePRIUS rolled up mid-workout and was a welcome surprise.


Passport challenge countinues – reigning champ @dasboot was in attendance today

Timothy Gibbs Funeral Service Setup/Tear down this weekend (1/15)

Re-invigoration of Q source being spearheaded by @maddog

*Uptown Girl came out today but his name was not on the Pax list

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