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8 Men left the comfort of their own dutch ovens and their fleecey onesies to post at a impromptu-ish, flashy, Lawson-only( Chicken confirmed but….never showed) workout. Meet up at Lawson Clubhouse.

Warm -up

Mosey down fartsacker blvd (Bottlecaps house) and back to parking lot. SSH, LSS, Merkin, NiteClubs

With Coupons – rounds of Curl, press, row – to end of parking lot adding a burpee+1 each time

With Coupons – tri’s, thruster, step ups – to end of parking lot adding burpee+1 each time

Uneven Merkin sequence on block: left/center/right – several rounds

Mosey to Fartsacker Blvd – left to circle. On the right 5 Bobby Hurleys at each mailbox.

With Coupons – Murder bunnies, big Bois x 2 rounds

Mosey to Fartsacker Blvd- left to circle. On the right 5 bombjacks

Coupon work – done

Very rugged crew in Lawson, some walking miles against treacherous conditions, risking life and limb… to get right for the day. Can’t make it much more convenient than a neighborhood workout. No Pax were left behind… What’s your excuse?

COT -Prayers up for Mary – Aunt-like figure for Surge. He’s headed to NY for funeral.

More to come on Gibbs Family needs – MadDog to get word when/what may be needed.

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