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F3 Waxhaw Board Meeting 1/8/22

1/8/22 1st Quarter Board Meeting:

9 out of 10 (one out sick) Board members gathered at the Briarcrest Clubhouse at 5:15am on a Saturday morning to discuss F3 Waxhaw business.  Our successes, our lessons learned, our roles, our path forward, and our acceleration:

BUT FIRST….. you may be wondering, who is on the board and what are their roles:

Nantan (Gerber)

  • The cultural and spiritual leader of his PAX, who represents but does not govern.
  • Encourages Plant/Grow/Serve and ignites the need for male community leadership amongst the Pax.

Weasel Shaker (Chastain)

  • The man who shakes the men who are trying to weasel out of their commitments and what they know needs to be done.
  • Keeps his ear to the ground, and his finger on the pulse of the Pax with the Nantan
  • He is a best practice investigator, implementation specialist, rule embracing, detail-oriented sort that helps the Region accelerate into the next 43ft.

CommzQ (Zinfandel)

  • It may be obvious, but we’ll state it anyway…
  • This man is the Q for making sure the Pax stay connected to one another.
  • Part of what makes F3 work is a dedicated man to keep the drum beating so that Pax has community with one another.
  • GroupMe, Twitter, Instagram, Face Book, social media, Newsletters, etc. are the tools he uses.
  • Should be reasonably tech-savvy and/or have a beard

1st F Q (Premature and Carb Load)

  • These are the guys that ensure the smooth running of the AOs.
  • Helps to plan and execute things like Region Convergences, CSAUPs, etc.
  • Models and is always in a state of increasing fitness
  • Ensures the culture of F3 is promoted
  • Spreads his workouts across the region to support and coach site leads & PAX
  • He makes sure that Site Qs are doing their jobs
  • He works with the Nantan and Weasel Shaker to look at the growth of 1st F AO plants.
  • Will ensure alignment on growth, smooth transition to and development of a new Site Q.
  • He ensures Q Schools happen across the region

2nd F Q (Chicken Little and Das Boot)

  • Mr. Party Pants. Whether it be family picnics, lunches, Christmas Parties, Efffes, Coffeeterias, or F3 Dads, this is the guy who makes it happen.
  • Models and is always in a state of increasing fellowship opportunities and creating relationships
  • Ensures the culture of F3 is promoted
  • Spreads his fellowship activities across the region to support, coach Pax

3rd F Q (Shop Dawg and Centerfold)

  • The 3rd F Q really needs to understand the needs and wants of his Pax.
  • He can plant anything from a leadership discussion, weekly faith formation to a regular community service opportunity for Pax.
  • Models and is always in a state of progressing leadership development
  • Ensures the culture of F3 is promoted
  • Spreads his engagement across the region to know the needs of the men and their passions

Q of Expansion (Posse)

  • Seek opportunities to plant and grow F3 in the local region
  • Work with 1st F Q to recon new AOs that offer the greatest geographical opportunity
  • Map out a plan for future growth within the region itself and then how that growth could spin off into additional regions down the road

General Meeting Concerns:

  • Our region has seen incredible growth.  4 workout a week six years ago to 24+ options a week depending on MASH. 
  • With growth comes separation.  We are not all going to the same workouts anymore and we can have multiple pax consistently post but never see each other. 
  • How to increase community.
  • How to keep FNGs from fizzling out
  • How to reach and bring back pax who have fizzled out
  • How to increase/support/encourage interactions with AOs
  • Visibility and understanding of Second and Third F events

1st F Update: (Carb Load and Premature)


  • Waxstravaganza – Part Deux – 2/12 same course and concept as previous. 
  • WTF – 4/30 per Kid Rock
  • Passport Challenge (currently in effect)
  • Site Qs
    • Transition from current to new site Q’s to ensure stability and growth
    • Site Q School. 
      • Will be on a more consistent basis this year
      • Not just for new Site Q’s. 
      • Open and encouraged for ALL Site Q’s old and new as well as pax who are interested in becoming a site Q or just want to see what it’s all about
      • WHY Q School?  Ensures standards across the board from leadership, Q fulfillment, marketing, picking up the six, growth and excitement of the site
  • FNG’s. Making sure the Site Q or a designated person is responsible for getting their info, getting them on GroupMe.
    • is how you add new pax.
    • Having a delegated person to reach out to them immediately about their next post, etc
    • Do we make an FNG Challenge – do a certain number or workouts / activities as a way to encourage engagement
    • Making sure the site Q or a designated person is responsible for getting their info, getting them on GroupMe
  • Rucking
    • How do we grow, are their any PAX out there that would like to take on the role of a Rucking Q – let us know

  2nd F Update (Fellowship):  Chicken Little and Das Boot

  • Goals/Plans
    • Happy Hours and Lunches
      • Lunches are on a Third Friday of the month schedule now
    • Efffes
      • February 4, 2022
    • F3 Dads
      • Great Wolf Lodge, February 4, 2022 open to entire family
      • Will gear back up in the Spring/Summer
      • Maybe 1 big one per month in the summer
      • Other potential ideas:  Knights game, mini golf, movie nights, etc
    • Family Gatherings
      • Cookout was well received, will look at more events like this in the future
    • Consistent Coffeeterias
      • Saturday is one site, centralized, consistent

 3rd F Update (Faith):  Shop Dawg and Centerfold

  • Goals/Plans
    • Is Q Source still happening?
      • YES — Welcome Mad Dog at the New Q Source Q.
      • He has created/changed the Q Source Channel to the “Leadership Development Channel”
      • Will run Q Source as primary tool along with other trainings, teachings, readings, and maybe guest speakers
      • Super exciting stuff — Join the Channel and GroupMe and be ready to be challenged
    • Christ Closet
      • Have been able to purchase trailer (Covid pricing and supply was issue)
      • New trailer is being retrofitted
      • Always need help with folding, giveaways, pickups
    • Rice n Beans
    • CPR Training
      • Decided to purchase and donate an AED to our CPR partner Karen with general funds from F3 Waxhaw.
    • Blood Drive
      • This Saturday, 1/22.
      • Still need volunteers to help with set up/break down.
        • See Turnbuckle or Ghosted
      • Turnbuckle has done a great job coordinating with F3 Nation and Red Cross to make these happen and coordinate with other regions

COMZ Q Update:  Zinfandel

  • Goals/Plans
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    • F3 Waxhaw generally has a post daily
    • Use to reach sad clowns, create FOMO
  • PAX of the week
    • If anyone would like to help create and manage this content we will post it weekly/bi-weekly/monthly. 
  • F3 Waxhaw website
    • Are there any programmers/IT people in our midst we don’t know.  If that is you or you know of anyone please let us know.
    • Ways we would like our website to evolve
      • T-claps to backblasts
      • Comments to backblasts
    • to add new FNG

2022 Focus Forward:


  • Encourage pax from different backgrounds and athletic abilities to attend workouts, second and third F events
  • Reinvigorate backblasts keep PAX involved and update on workouts/events
  • Be willing to get outside your comfort zone and push yourself
    • Challenge yourself to attend different 1st F workouts
    • Attend a second F event
    • Try out Q Source, fold clothes at Christ’s Closet

1st F:

  • Site Q’s have attended Site Q school, consistent standards across the region
  • Supporting current site Q’s and helping develop/find new site Q’s
  • Support and retain FNGs
  • Themed convergences and CSAUPs to bring region together
  • Continue to pick up the six and push them forward
  • Diversity of workouts (Bootcamp, Gear, Running, Mash)

2nd F:

  • Consistent coffeeterias, lunches, family gatherings, 2nd F events
  • Efffes
  • F3 Dads – consistent summer workouts/events
  • F3 Dads Camp – would love to see F3 Waxhaw continue for another year

3rd F:

  • Q Source reboot – more pax involvement
  • Christ Closet and Rice and Beans
    • continue to support and grow
  • Support and grow other organic opportunities and make sense for our region


  • Find a dedicated local regional PAX that can help grow/maintain website to take focus/demand off others
  • Continue strong social media presence
  • Look for other opportunities to reach pax and sad clowns


  • Make smart expansion decision for regional growth or support new growth for potential new region

Thank you to all the High Impact Men we have in F3 Waxhaw.

We couldn’t have grown to over 24+ weekly sites without that many leaders.

Let’s continue to grow in all three F’s and continue to be the positive presence in this area, our workplace, our neighborhoods, and our homes.

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