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Burpee Beatdown!!

This morning we had the pleasure of enjoying a true beatdown at Ignition from guest Q Lee from Metro. A special thanks to both Lee for driving out from uptown to lead us and Ice9 for coordinating.

Warmup- That’s a big fat zero!

The Thang

  • From COT to Transporter’s shed Peter Parkers at every light pole adding an additional 2 reps each time.
  • Bus loop fun- 12 merkins, 12 Sumo Squats, 12 AH, 12 burpees, and run a lap around the bus loop. Do this 5X’s and try to breath in the process.
  • From the bus loop back to COT Peter Parkers again at every light pole adding 2 reps each time.
  • Alcove near the middle school- 10 derkins in cadence then 10 dips in cadence. Repeat with descending rep count ladder style.
  • Run from the school towards the crazy cabin, down cutty road (always fun in the dark) into Lawson.
  • Every light pole 2 chest to ground merkins adding 2 additional reps each time and we got up to 16 reps in total.
  • Back to Lawson entrance with 2 sumo squats at each light pole adding 2 additional reps each time.
  • Lawson back to the front of COT for a burpee wrap-up. Not sure how many we did but it went on for at least 3-4 minutes until we hit the hour mark.


  • Christ Closet folding party this coming Friday starting at noon until Saturday morning.
  • Effies Feb 4th
  • Waxhawextravaganza Feb 12th

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