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Good times at the Appetizer

DICCS to some new 2.0 faces and we’re off with a mosey around the school. At each corner, I call and exercise and count for some merkins, ssh, bb, lunge, squat, lbc, some repeated and some I forgot.

Circle up and mostly a dozen reps of each, ssh, lss, iw, plank, side plank left/right, can opener L & R, mc, merkins.

The Thang

Run up the hill for some Killer Bees. Pretty sure I mixed something up, but we had the idea. 3 burpees, bear crawl 10 steps (2 is 1), broad jump 5 times. Repeat across the field. (Yes Tiny Dancer my legs & arms were turning to jelly too by the end).

Run back the way we came to the back of my car for some appitizer goodies. Two 20lb balls & two jump ropes. Move down to the BB court. Two teams of 3, we do 3 exercises for two rounds: jump rope, LBC, run the lap. When runner returns change positions, for 2 rounds.

Last activity, PAX line up and pass the 20lb ball down the line. When the ball gets to the last person, he/she runs with the ball to the front, then pass down ASAP until we progress across the court. After one practice round of that to get the feel for the weight and how the progression works, we do it for real 3 vs 3. It was a close one but the team with the youngest 2.0 was declared victor.

Pack up, and back to COT. Throw in some more planking regular and side (which prompted a bit of unappreciative mumble chatter), followed by superman & canoe before we jumped into a round of PAX led Mary (2.0s included even the FNG :), for some lbc, h2h, bb, flutter, Bobby Dugan and In/Outs to finish us off.


Waxtravaganza 2, coming up (I’m looking forward to half of it). And sorry I forget the other ones mentioned (see nearby backblasts).


Thanks to my reliable co-site Q High Hat, a good friend I look forward to catching up with weekly (have a good trip next week). The one day Rock skips out we have 2 other 2.0s without him. And it’s always good to see Fuse Box (I promise not to lead him into any muddy areas again). His 2.0 is a handsome young boy, who’s not shy and is eager to jump into the fun. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him over the years. Welcome Two-Hand-Touch’s 2.0 our latest FNG now named: Tiny Dancer. She was also not afraid to call out the cadence when it was her turn, which is not the norm for 2.0s. I’m glad he gave us some help with the naming, which can be tricky with the 2.0s.

I’m rarely looking forward to interrupting the day and getting out for a workout at the Appetizer, but I’m always happy I did once it’s over (and not just because it’s over). It’s good for me & I’m happy to have it as an option for anyone else who needs it.

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