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Frozen Chicken Nuggets

DICCS- 1/2 given because no one would shut the F$%# up!! Geez- the group was very chattery this morning– I blame the site Qs for allowing such disrespect while the Chicken is trying to talk Safety– This would have never happened back in the day at Flash when Rockwell and I ran it.– JUST SAYING!

Warm Up– Long fast pace mosey to South Providence High School for a warmup but along the way take a few hard lefts and right to keep Ice-9 on his toes since he was sprinting ahead like a wild man.

15- SSH

Jimmy Dugan Stretch- right, left, middle into a plank- into a calf stretch

Runners Pose right/Left

The Thang

Mosey over the Bball courts for some speed work- Line up across baseline and complete 10 sprints .

10 more sprints and top 7 finishers got the award of completing 5 burpees– it was a trick sorry

8- more sprints and PAX who finish below top 7 get to complete 5 burpees– I lost the crowd on this, one pretty sure everyone did burpees except me and Chatter Box.. lol– Note to self… TALK SLOWLY AND CLEARLY AND MAKE sure they follow directions duh…

Mosey to top of KJH– 10 count to catch our breath and allow the Segment peeps to get ready to try and capture some stupid thing on Strava. I am not sure who did what I was just trying not to die or get run over going up the hill..

Mosey into the cementary for Partner work round the horseshoe track.

P 1- 100 Bomb Jacks, 75 Mike Tysons, and 50 Big Boys

P2- Run Horseshowe

Mosey to Elementary school for more speed work

Suicide sprints for each parking space up to 10 up and back– UGH..

Gather the Flock for a nice medium paced Moesu back stopping 3 times to regroup while mixing in some squats, squat jumps and LBCS..


Great group today as usual at the Floater and the Pax was in rare form due to the brisk weather. We rocked out some speed work, hill work, partner work and even had some good ole fashion groundwork. I appreciate the support boys and outstanding job by the site Qs and others for checking on the six, checking in with the FNG, and trying to real ICE-9 in when he wants to dart across a road and stay in the road doing big boys while a poster child of global warming (the JEEP) comes rolling through the cemetery.

Speaking on that FNG- Here is a little about him

1. His name is Nick Bugajski– AKA Reacher

2. He has 6 kids and he moved to our area 2 years ago with his family

3. Military vet for 20 years so we know he is a solid dude- THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE BROTHER.

4. He lives over in the mean streets in SC ..The Reserve over in Indian Land- at least no one in Lawson and BriarCrest will get butt hurt because he is from the other hood.


It was cold as monkey balls today- ugh

Folding Party this Friday and Saturday — Beer and Folding Clothes- reach out to ICE-9

Effees- Sign up if you’re coming so we can pick on you in person

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