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Ultimate Can Jam

5 guys beat the fartsack in frigidly cold weather this morning. 4 for the workout/game and 1 for Mash.


10 Burpees

Long Mosey to the top of the entrance street.

Jimmy Duggan’s

Calf Stretch

Slow Merkins

Mosey back down to the school stopping at the street lights for 5 each of a Jumping lunge, jump squat, jumping lunge, jump squat (4 count). 8ish poles made for very tired legs.

THE THANG – Ultimate Can Jam

Since there was only 4 of us I had to modify that standard Ultimate Can Jam rules. We went no goalies and only one frisbee instead of two.


  • Drop a frisbee but retain possession – 5 In/Outs
  • Lose possession of the frisbee – 5 Merkins
  • Other team scores – 5 Burpees


  • Hit the can = 1 Point
  • Dunk it in the can = 2 points.

We started out Das Boot and myself vs Dunkin and Big Tuna. Dunkin came out of the gate fast and Tuna came out physical. Apparently the perfect combination to stomp on Das and I. In fairness to Das, I suck at throwing a frisbee. Its more like a boomerang when I throw it. So after a ton of burpees and a 9-0 score, I decided we needed to switch teams.

Dunkin and myself vs Das and Tuna. Here we learned that it was in fact Dunkin that was beating everyone – though Tuna went down with a twisted ankle early in the second match which limited him somewhat (he still found a way to be physical near the goal – so that’s what the young kids are calling it these days!) Second game ended 5-0.

3 minutes left. Attemped to do a lunge walk carrying equipment back with one person doing walking 25 coupon curls. Almost everyone got the curls in before I decided to check my watch and find that it was 6:15 and we were a good 50 yards from COT – Lets Mosey!


  • A dominating performance by Dunkin today. He lived up to his name by Dunking several times for 2 points. A very impressive showing until you find out he was a former semi pro Ultimate Can Jam player – Euro League of course.
  • At one point at the end I was pushing Das Boot away from the goal to clear a path for a Dunkin score while at the same time Big Tuna was pulling me away from his partner Das. Lets hope there are no school cameras because that will be a tough one to explain – yikes!
  • We got in 2 miles total which doesn’t sound like a lot until I tell you that our warm up mosey took up 1/2 mile. So we basically sprinted for 1.5 miles the rest of the time chasing frisbees.
  • 2 on 2 is way harder and more running than the standard game.
  • I was out of breath pretty much the whole time. When you suck at throwing, it causes lots of Merkins and In/Outs for your team which in turn opens up the scoring potential for the other team which then leads to burpees. Das and Myself were on the ground more than we were on our feet there for awhile.
  • I enjoy mixing it up every now and then with a “fun” workout. I think everyone today enjoyed the change of pace while still getting a good workout in.


  • Waxstsravaganza 2nd Sat in Feb. Bring Granola Bars for Rice & Beans
  • Effees 1st Friday in Feb
  • CC Folding Clothes this weekend
  • CPR rescheduled – see Surge to sign up
  • There is apparently a convergence tomorrow which today at COT was the first I have heard about it so great job marketing that Friday Site Q’s (Sarcasm Font). Our COT was slim on the details but I’m going to assume its a Cuthbertson Convergence at 5:30?
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