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Working out on Monday is Hard

As it has been a bit chilly in the mornings, my expectations for a small crowd were exceeded when the PAX started rolling in.

DiCCS were delivered and we were ready to roll.

Not so fast!!


Circle up at COT for 20 X SSH’s and 15 X Merkins both IC

Plank for a little bit while waiting for someone to get out of their car and jopin us.

Mosey down the Yellow Brick Road for: Paula Abdul, No Exercise on the 2 up and 2 X Burpees on the 1 back all the way to the end.


Grab a lifting rock from behind the shed. (Some of the PAX, who shall remain nameless, demonstrated their inability to follow directions and grabbed a lifting pebble) 2 sets of 20 reps of each exercise OYO, Curls, Tricep Extensions, Rows & Shoulder Press then a 3rd set of 15 reps of each. We traded rocks (this was the punishment for the PAX that grabbed the wrong rocks) to the PAX to our left on set 2 & 3.

Mosey to the HighSchool Cafeteria Entrance and partner up for step ups while partner runs around first traffic circle. Repeato X 2 for each Partner.

Mosey to the alcoves on the far end of campus and do 11’s with Donkey Kicks and Mike Tysons. I think ABBA go to 3 DK to 8 MT’s and then most of the rest of us completed 4 & 7 before recover was called.

Long-ish Mosey back to COT with 15 MT’s to finish us off at COT.

Moleskin: PAX who posted at Flash today ran 3+ miles with some BC in the middle and made it look easy. I think guys are getting stronger and pushing themselves a little bit harder. Let’s keep that up for sure! Everyopne who showed up, came to crush their Monday and succeeded.

Shout out to ABBA from Area 51 who came to Flash today to get his passport stamped. I have heard his name come up a few times recently and the dude is a beast! We need to invite him here to Q soon!

How can you crush your week if you don’t start crushing on Monday???Having 39 PAX post this morning between Ignition, MASH/BROGA & Flash for no other special reason than to crush their Monday is incredible. Let’s keep that Trend going!

Announcements: CC Folding party was a success other than the Keg was not empty.

Feb 4th: Effies from 8:00 to 10:00 PM. RSVP in GroupMe to ensure you will get nominated for an award. BYOB&S

Feb 5th: CPR Class hosted by Karen Schwabenlender. Proceeds go toward an AED purchase.

Feb 12th: Waxstravaganza Part Deux 7:00 am for ruckers, 7:33 AM for Bootcampers. Ends at 11:00 and Beverages of choice at the Taphouse immediately afterward. Bring donations of Granola/Cereal bars for Rice N’ Beans for your ticket to ride. Special thanks to Striker for travelling down to Q Ignition.

Mar 12th: SiteQ school, This is for everyone who is currently a Site Q and anyone that is wanting to be or will be in the future.

Prayer Requests: Radar. Our brother is hurting and battling depression. Reach out and check on him.

Michael, Premature’s son is not doing well with his addiction to alcohol. Pray he gets the help he needs to win this lifelong battle.

Shop Dog Took us out with a Prayer.

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