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Enthusiastic about Chiseled

What I like about Chisieled; It’s flat, not a lot of mileage to be had, lighting is great, no cars, and good cross section of PAX .. and it’s only 3 minutes from my house.

What I don’t like about Chisieled; Decisions. Do we lift equipment, do we run. So let’s do a little of both.

Arrived to see a good sized crew, getting bigger (total of 24!!!) as we neared kick off. I had a well planned out, documented and verified Weinke – but given the large numbers I would have to change course on the fly.

Warm-Orama Mosey 3/4 up the driveway and back. SSH, Merkin variations, LLS, Dugan and a few Burpees on your own.

The Thang 1: Mother May I style

Line up across parking lot. Goal would be to advance each parking space with a coupon exercise (and some running around Mt. Chisieled.

20 Press – run / 20 curl – run / 20 squat & Swing – run / 20 swing, row, thruster – run/ 20 tri and curl – run

Thang II – Mother May I back

Suicide style on the parking spaces. rotate between 1 burpee and 2 bobby Hurley’s while advancing 1 parking space each time- starting back at first spot each time – someone do the math but maybe there were 10 parking spaces?

Thing III – Prisoner style Indian “Commander” Runs. 2x around Mt. Chisield your line of choice – Gazelle or Clydesdal

Pick up coupons and head to COT – finish with 10 Spiderman left side merkins.

Welcome FNG John from Lawson aka now known as “roomba”. John works for a robotic company . Also good to see Mcruff and TicTac – need to figure out how to add you to the roster


Effee’s this Friday at Briar’s – follow it up with a boozey CPR session(see surge)

Waxhaw Extravaganza Sat. Feb 12th – start and finish at the Taphouse

Rice – N- Beans can always use Volunteers and snacks which are also your entrance fee to the Effee’s

Prayers up for Chainsaw’s Niece Anna – battling cancer now for 6 months with a positive “Don’t give up, Don’t ever Give up” attitude. Smitty the father -inlaw is struggling with health/purpose at 84.

Strong msg from Chainsaw. Your Purpose can be grand, world changing; but it can also start out small: posting in the morning for that someone that struggled to get up to post; a pat on the back, laughing together = building a bond and some friendships that can glue us together.

Blessed to be able to lead today.

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