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Wet T-shirt Contest??

With it being only my 5th time Q’ing and 3 of those being in the rain, I’m really starting to see the humor in my F3 nickname “Rain Man”. The silver lining for working out in the rain this morning is that it was 62 degrees which felt great. 5 pax decided a little water wasn’t going to hold them back from getting better and working hard.

DISCCs- Were given at COT before heading out for a short mosey to loosen up.


  • 15 SSH IC
  • 15 Moroccan Night Clubs IC
  • 15 Merkins
  • Plank (calf and runners stretch)

The Thang-

Mosey over to the front of the HS for a little appetizer with a partner.  Partner #1 is the timer running a lap around the parking lot.  While partner #2 is performing the exercise.

  • 100 Irkins
  • 100 dips
  • 100 step-ups
  • 100 Carolina dry docks

Mosey over to the backside of the HS for some core work.

  • 1 Big boi, 1 Merkin, 2 AH 1=1
  • 2 Big boi’s, 2 Merkins, 4 AH
  • 3 Big boi’s, 3 Merkins, 6 AH
  • Repeato until 10 BB’s, 10 Merkins, and 20 AH’s

Mosey over to the steps near the tennis courts.

Six rounds of stairs and Mike Tysons.

  • Round #-1 up and down stairs 6 times and 1 Mike Tyson.
  • Each subsequent round reducing flights of stairs by 1 and adding 1 additional Mike Tyson.
  • Last round should be 1 flight of stairs and 6 Mike Tysons.

Grab some wall at the top of the corridor for a quad killer.

  • 10 Air presses 5 Donkey kicks with each round adding 10 AP’s and 5 DK’s. Repeato 5X’s.

Slosh back to COT to meetup with the Swarm crew.


Chicken Little working out shirtless definitely set the tone this morning. His encouragement and enthusiasm always gives the group an extra push to keep working and not to give up.


  • Effie’s tonight from 8pm-10
  • Waxstravaganza 2/12 (bring a box of granola bars for Ghosted)
  • Site Q School- 3/12 (Premature/Carb Load)
  • Praises for Falcon’s family.
  • Prayer for Falcon’s co-worker Trish battling lung cancer.
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