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Cold, Wet, Cold, and more Cold!

While today’s conditions were far from ideal (zero cover and a lot of ground work) it was still worth getting out of the fartsack to be with my brothers while getting the sh$t kicked out of us from The Mighty Lance guest Q from Metro.

DISCCs– none given so that pretty much set the tone. Luckily I had my Crapple watch to save Dasher’s life if necessary.

Warmup– that would also be none.

The Thang

  • Bear crawls around the roundabout near Geeb Jungle.
  • One arm and one leg planks
  • 10 box jumps, 30 dips IC, and 12 dirkins IC at benches. Repeato
  • Far side of HS parking lot approximately 800m’s. Start in the middle-one partner runs toward Cutty road traffic light at the top, while the other partner runs to the bottom near the track. Each do 5 diamond merkins and then run to meet each other for 10 hand slap merkins. Repeat with partners going in opposite directions with same rep count. 15 low slow squats to recover. Round#2- same drill but 10 diamond merkins for each partner along with the hand slap merkins in the middle. Another 15 low slow squats to recover. Round#3- same drill but now 15 diamond merkins for each pax.
  • Drop for ab work. 30 high/low flutters IC, 30 quick low flutters IC, 15 bow/boat Q counting.
  • Wheel barrow from driver-ed lot to Cutty road switching with partner. Run back to starting point.
  • Broad jump then burpee all the way to Cutty Road.
  • Cross the road to CF. 7 in and outs at each light pole down to the stop sign. Turn around and 8 AH’s back to Cutty Road.
  • Run to the HS for 11’s. 10 hand release merkins then 1 plank jack. Repeat until 1 hand release merkin and 10 plank jacks.
  • Run back to COT.


  • Gerber couldn’t feel his bum finger about 15 minutes into the madness.
  • Bottlecap was pre-hyperthermic but stuck it out like a champ. Boy needs some body fat!!
  • I cramped up at the 11’s and was done. Thanks Bottlecap for picking up the six.
  • Ice9 called us soft but I think we all did a great job tackling the elements and pushing ourselves to the limits.


  • Waxstravaganza 2/12 7:30am downtown Waxhaw. (bring a box of granola bars for Ghosted).

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