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Running, Rucking and Webs

15 total this morning at Watchtower – with lots of variety, only thing we were missing was a pax on a unicycle.

Warm up – a few small laps by parking lot to gather those coming in late due to the fog. SSH, Merkins, Climbing of Mountains and No Stretching (DTAH or Do that at Home)

The Thang

Hit the front of the middle school for partner work. P1 runs lap/P2 starts – Hondo (100) of each squats, donkey kicks and Wall jump touch.

Start a traditional web (up to seven)

Thang II – Hill Work

5 laps with an exercise at bottom & top (5 tysons/5 bomb jacks) – decrease for each lap – this was a burner – that hill is sneaky long and gradual incline.

Finish remaining Web and add an Ab Web (Americans and Big Bois)

1 minute left – mosey back to COT.

Good mix of folks and I heard lots of encouragement from everyone… that makes a difference – push and pull your brothers.


Announcements – Waxhaw Extravaganza – 7:00 ruckers/7:30 run-mosey (bring granola bars for rice and beans!!!!!)

Prayers up for Ex-Lax Father in law – bypass surgery- recovering

Thank you gentlemen for allowing me to Q this morning

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