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Going Back to School at Mt Chiseled

11 Pax came out to Chiseled to go back to school. I found out that most of the other 10 knew I had won an Effee Award, but that didn’t deter me from reminding them I won an Effee Award. I’m still telling anyone that will listen, but that list of people is starting to thin out.

We covered the DICCS and checked on CPR, cell phone, and watches. We were going to stay on campus so reflective gear was an option.

Warm Up

Mosey to the entrance of Five Stones, make a quick U-Turn and head back to the parking lot. Circle Up. We focused on the number 13. SSH, Rocking Night Clubs, Arm Circles, Hulk Hogan Stretches (with your hand to your ear), Imperial Walkers, Calf Stretches, Foot to Hand, Hand to the sky, Flapjack. Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Frankenstein Walk in a circle.

The Thang

Starfish-Center 5 Bobby Hurleys, Corner 1-25 Rocky Balboas, Corner 2-25 Speed Skaters, Corner 3-25 Flutters, Corner 4-25 V-Ups. Rinse and Repeat. Mosey to get your coupon at the COT. Carry to Mt. Chiseled.

Partner Up. Going back to school…Only 6th-12th grades. P1 Exercise, P2 Run around Mt Chiseled. 6th Grade-Fiddy-One Murkins using coupon, 7th Grade-Fiddy One Tricep Curls, 8th Grade-Fiddy One Squats with Coupon, 9th Grade-Fiddy One Squat Swings with Coupon, 10th Grade-Fiddy One Overhead Presses, 11th Grade-Fiddy One Curls, 12th Grade-Fiddy One Bench Presses….Graduation.

Line up on the curb with coupon. 25 Single Arm Rows with coupon, run to 1st parking spots and back to coupon. 25 Single Arm Rows (other arm) with coupon, run, 25 Bench Presses, run

Carry Coupon back to COT. 10 Spider Man Murkins using coupon (each arm), 40 air presses, 10 air curls, 36 air presses, 9 air curls….Have a nice day!


Great group for Chiseled this morning. Ex-Lax was able to attend even after taking care of his sick son all night, Loafer brought some great music, Flanders wanted to talk about NC State Basketball but I changed the subject to baseball season-I then realized he meant Women’s BB (Go Pack!), TB was there to make everyone behaved and stayed on point, Jingles was rocking the orange hoodie with a smile on his face, Doughboy as always was killing it, Two Hand Touch was late but we didn’t make him stay after school, it’s always great seeing Radar at a workout, Chainsaw and Draper are my heroes-RESPECT RESPECT!

Annoucements/Prayer Requests/Praises

Praises-Chainsaw’s niece Anna is having her final treatments for cancer this week in great spirits, and his father-in-law Smithy is doing a lot better. I still think it’s all because of Chainsaw’s speech last week. Ex-Lax’s father-in-law is home recovering from open heart surgery doing well. Prayers for Flanders’ niece Savannah dealing with pregnancy complications/emergency C-section. Both mom and baby are home and healthy. There’s something going on downtown Waxhaw Saturday.

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