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Tour De Marvin

DICCS Given to all the normal fun stuff (except reflective gear, flashlight cause we are going off campus)

Warm up- Hot lap around lot and down long road to circle island in front of school

15- SSH

Jimmy Dungan

20- Single legged dance moves kind a things–

10 merkins

runners pose

The Thang

Leave the campus and head sidewalk to first hood on the right and end up in the cul de sac

Head up road to stop sign and circle up for directions on Rosecliff

r 1 start with 5 burpees run 1/2 down Rosecliff 5 Mike Tysons and at end of Rosecliff 5 more burpees – head back to start but stop 1/2 for 5 more mike Tysons and back to start

R2- same theme but 10 Bomb Jacks -10 Tysons -10 Bomb Jacks- 10 Tysons and back to start

R3- same them but 15 / 30 single count speed skaters, 15 Tysons, 15/30 speed skaters and 15 Tysons and back to start.

Mosey back towards COT up Rosecliff and take a left on the sidewalk ABORT ABORT ABORT— There is no sidewalk but there is a large ass truck on the road coming towards us. The Chicken about took the PAX head on into traffic– sorry about that boy!!— Who the F$%$k follows the Chicken anywhere???? I blame them

Head back down Rosecliff after the near-death experience and get on the proper road that will lead us to a wonderful sidewalk to that leads right to the school– interesting!!

Get to circle island SAFELY–

5 big boys, 20 LBCS , 10 Pistol LBCS each leg

5 big boys, 30 LBCS, 15 Pistol LBCS each leg

5 big boys , 30 LBCS , 15 Pistol LBCS each leg

head back towards COT down long road stopping two times for 5 burpees, 5 bomb jacks and 20 speed skaters each time and one stop at top of parking lot for 5 big boys and 10 Tysons – two times.


As always it is great to lead a group of such high impact men. Today was a push on the running and hills getting the group geared up for the Extravaganza and they pushed themselves and me had. We did have a slight direction issue that could have caused an issue with a large truck, but we survived and then we got ripped to shreds by O69 for dressing like a bunch of burglars in all dark clothing and limited reflective gear ( Geez he was angry Elf today– but valid point.). Speaking of angry Elf, has anyone rode, worked with, hung out with Schnieder and 069 togther? If not, I urge you too, they literally argue like a 40-year married couple- comical.


do better on reflective gear

03/17/22- Site Q school


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