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Double Burpee train

It was a cold pleasant morning and heard the train whistle as I was getting out of my car. Hoped it corses before the start time. NO. It was a longggggg train. DICCS given and I pretended to have not heard the train as it was the burpee train (Burpee’s until the train crosses), but then heard the shout out from a late comer. Ok, it’s burpee time. It was a long train. Wonder how many engines were needed to pull that thing. 

Mosse to the parking along 75. 20 SSH and 10 burpees on my down (Not changing the winkie). Fast pace mossey to Waxhaw elementary school. Start with 20 big bois and run around the parking loop stopping for 20 mike Tysons on the way. Repeat 3 times. We hear another train crossing waxhaw. Glad this was a smaller train. Burpees and the site Q kept time.

Run to the waxhaw bridge. It was a long way back and site Q promptly advised to have stops in between. Squats during the stops. Start with 10 Derkins and run across the bridge to the other side for 20 step-ups. Few pax didn’t hear me and choose to along the road instead of using the bridge (or other reasons). Repeat 3 times. Time to return to COT. Finish with American hammers / Merkins / air presses. 

YHC took us out.


Waxtravaganza this Saturday.

3rd F Opportunity: As a couple of you have asked recently, here is the book we are going through at Open Door on Sunday mornings (0730-0845). This week we discuss Moses and how God might take us through a humbling process that fundamentally changes the way we think. 

Can anybody relate to that? Come join us no matter if you go to church or not. This JUST might be the group you need right now in your life (and that is surprising based on the motley crew that God has put together).

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