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Unplanned Game of Frogger

DiCCS given and off we go

Warm Up and Stretch:
Mosey to front of Middle School
10 Merkins
10 SSH
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Merkins
Calf Stretch
Runners pose – right foot, right hand, left foot left hand
Jimmy Dugan

The Thang:
Long Road to High School Parking Lot:
Alternate 5 merkins and 5 squats at each light

End of Road:
20 Carolina Dry Docks IC
Stole Chicken’s Ab Routine from Dromedary…
20 LBCs, 10 left foot pistols, 10 right foot pistols, 20 LBCs all IC
20 more CDD IC

Mosey to Stadium Parking Lot:
Grab a rock, and Partner Up 
EACH:  60 curls, 100 rows, 60 squats, 60 tricep extensions  
One runs to end of lot, other exercises

Race Track 7’s:
6 shoulder taps one end (2 is 1), 1 jump squat on the other
until 1, 6

Final Path with Stops:
Run from Transporter’s Shed to COT with burpees at every other light, since low on time, changed from 2 to 1 count.


Large-ish group of PAX who pushed hard through the 3.5+ miles.  I’ve never seen the high school stadium lot busier in my year of doing Cutty workouts.  Had me worried Pax were forced to play frogger, but we all finished that section of the workout safely with everyone paying special attention to everyone’s well being! 
Thanks for letting me lead, always a privilege!

Waxstravaganza tomorrow!  Read the pre-blast for details and don’t forget your donations for your ticket to participate
Fusebox doing early bootcamp at 6:30 before Waxstravaganza starts

Mad Dog relaunching QSource Friday 2/25
Details in Leadership Channel

Close out by YHC

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