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Monday Flash

I loved that everyone wanted to be at flash this morning. It was below freezing this morning and planned to keep the pax warm throughout the workout. 

DICCS given and off we go. Mossey to High school entrance. 20 SSH and 10 Burpees. Mossey to high school parking lot (far end). Start with 15 Merking and run across the parking lot and do 10 mike Tysons at the other end stopping at the middle for 10 big bois. Repeat 3 times (Thrice) .  

Mossey to round about near the stadium. 20 LBC’s and run to the other round about for 10 jump squats (NOT bobby Hurleys). Repeat 5 times. 10 American hammers (2=1) and run to benches and do 20 dips. Repeat thrice. Run the transporter shed. 40 air presses. Run back to COT. 5 Big bois at each light. End with American hammers.

I alway appreciate the opportunity to Q. Loved it today as always. 

YHC took us out.


  1. Q source starting on the 25th. 
  2. Q school in march.
  3. Open door at 7:30 am every sunday in Five stones. 
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