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Wednesday’s You vs. You Edition

A cool, crisp 35ish degrees to start the day with some Bootcamp with my brothers of F3.
Warmorama: Mosey to the outdoor dining area of the middle school for some stretching. Plank, Up/Down Dog, Calf Stretch R/L, Runner pose, Knee between hands and sit R/L and finish with a plank and 10 X Merkins IC.
Thang: Mosey up the sidewalk around back of middle school for 1 burpee at each light pole.
Mosey around to Front entrance of MS and partner up for- Partner 1 is the Runner goes around parking lot and is the timer, Partner 2 does AMRAP Dips, Step Ups, Seals/Big Boys, 2 rounds of each exercise per partner for 6 total rounds.

Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock for- Row/Shoulderpress combo, then do rows and sp separately, then do 10 x Moroccan Nightclubs. 3 rounds starting with 20 reps of each, then 15 and finally 10. Return rocks to original resting place and mosey to COT around the student lot.

Marry for 1:30 doing 20 x Heels to Heaven and 20 X Seals and done!

Great group this morning. Mostly the normal cast of characters for Wednesday’s at Dromedary. Lots of Mumble Chatter from Posse. Mostly to do with the length of running we did on the AMRAP and I will note he was on time for launch which is a first for him in 2022? Not sure…


2nd F Lunch this Friday at Wesley Chapel’s Greco Fresh Grill

Mid March is the next running of the Rooster in Rock Thrill region. Check Group Me for when more details come out.

March 14th is Site Q school at Cutty

I took us out with a prayer.

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