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Deja Vu at Rea View

I assumed at the start that having a pax of 7 would mean I could easily control the group. That went out the window quickly. I introduced myself as the Q and the questions started “Is it Elmer or Elmer’s?” For the record, it’s Elmer’s like the glue. NOT ELMER, like Elmer Fudd. The only one who can call me Elmer is Fusebox’s son. We got through the DICCS and almost forgot CPR certification which was embarrassing since Surge was there.

The Thang

We started a quick mosey to the road entrance of the school. I quickly decided to turn around and head back to the parking lot. We circled up and started various exercises to warm up-of course counting to 13…SSH, Rocking Nightclubs, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, Plank it Up…Hold…Calf Stretches, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, recover for the Frankenstein Walk. At this point, JWOWW was convinced that this was the same workout that we did at the Lycan a week ago in the rain. I disputed that since it wasn’t raining this morning…although it did start to sound a little familiar. I was just honored that he remembered.

Short mosey to the light poles in the bus parking lot. Start with 5 LBCs at the first light, then progress to add 5 LBCs to each light. At the end, the top finishers got to do the Bernie! Mosey to the shed by the fields. Grab some wall. 25 air presses, 25 Air Jabs, 25 air presses, 25 air curls doing them in cadence…sorta. At this point, I became aware that some of the pax…all but Babyface (he didn’t speak the entire workout), was making fun of my accent. Especially when I said “Ten”. It’s funny to me that people who say I have an accent are the ones that have accents. Yankees! Even Das Boot mocked me, which kind of hurt my feelings but then I remembered I am an Effie Award Winning Q.

Even though he hurt my feelings, I let Das Boot lead us to the entrance of the school since I wasn’t sure where it was. At this point, we started going back to school. 1st Grade through 12th Grade. Again, JWOWW was commenting on the similarities of a previous workout. Chastain was quick to point out some differences. At this point, Chastain began taking off clothing in front of the school cameras at the school entrance. Hopefully, this won’t be the last workout at Rea View Elementary. The goal was to do the grades as a group and we understood the assignment. We did modify the running part because of the lights at the flagpoles were blinding (foreshadowing for Chastain’s camera flash). So we decided it would be safer to run an alternate route. The Pax didn’t seem to mind. We did repeat the previous grades which made it exciting trying to remember each grade. Everyone passed with flying colors.

1st Grade Murkin, 2nd Grade Shoulder Taps, 3rd Grade Mountain Climbers, 4th Grade Jimmy V-Ups (Go Pack), 5th Grade Mike Tysons, 6th Grade Derrick Whittenburgs, 7th Grade Hulk Hogans, 8th Grade Speed Skaters, 9th Grade Jump Squats (demo by Centerfold), 10th Grade Rocky Balboas, 11th Grade LBCs (Lorenzo Basketball Charles), 12th Grade LSS


We learned that evidently, I have an accent, Chastain’s phone camera flash is powerful, Surge and JWOWW are beasts, Babyface doesn’t talk (which is great for the Q), Das Boot is sneaky funny, Centerfold knows NC State basketball history. I decided not to pray to talk about how awesome F3 has been for me over the last year. I also talked about reaching out to the guys that you don’t see on a regular basis and let them know they matter, they belong, and they’re missed.


Prayers for High Hat’s brother Uncle Si. Recovering from heart surgery.

Q-Source starts next Friday. GET THE BOOK ON AMAZON!

CPR classes next week…see Surge.

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Site Q-School will be in March…check your calendars.

Be safe out there! If you see someone not smiling, make their day and give them yours!

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