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Tour de Roundabouts

Pursuit Family Photo (02/17/22)

Quotes from the Gloom:

  • “My watch just flashed a warning that I hit my max heart rate. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.” – Wolverine

If Wolverine was hitting his max heart rate, you know the rest of us were near death. In any case, on to…

The Thang

  • Mosey around parking lot island (kind of freaked everyone out that we didn’t go straight out towards the hill).
  • Reverse Mosey around the parking lot island by running backwards. Here we found out that Ghosted is apparently faster running backwards than forwards (which is saying something).
  • Warmup
    • Grab some tree and do Prime the Pump (Fairly rapid calf raises while steadying self against a wall, tree, or piece of playground equipment.) – on your own for about a minute
    • We are now somewhat warm, so…
  • Now we leave the CoT parking lot and head South on Millbridge Parkway to Roundabout #1.
    • Circle back for the Six and do some standing hamstring stretches on the roundabout.
  • Continue to run South on Millbridge Parkway to Roundabout #2.
    • Circle back for the Six and do some neck stretches on the roundabout.
  • Side shuffle to the right down Hudson Mill Dr. until the street light.
  • Side shuffle back to the left, returning to Roundabout #2.
  • Run back North on Millbridge Parkway to Roundabout #1.
    • Circle back for the Six and do some stretches for the groin/inner leg area on the roundabout.
  • Head East on Creekview Dr to Roundabout #3.
    • Circle back for the Six and then Mosey down Fallondale Rd to where it starts to diverge.
  • Partner up!
    • First partner heads straight down Fallondale towards the gazebo.
    • Second partner heads around Primrose Way towards the gazebo.
    • Once partners meet, they “bounce off” each other and head back the direction they came.
    • Switch directions and repeat.
  • Sustained/Sustainable Indian run
    • The goal here was to try to keep the group together for awhile doing an Indian Run.
    • So, we attempted a “moderate” pace down Fallondale, around the Pocket Park, and back up toward Roundabout #3.
    • Somewhere along the way we lost Jingles, so we did our two-sided Partner circle around just to make sure we weren’t leaving him behind. (Turns out that he heard “Indian Run” and bailed out along with Paper Jam. #VeteranMove)
  • From Roundabout #3, we headed West back to Roundabout #1.
    • It was here that several Pax “attacked the hill!” (as Chastain would say) back to Roundabout #1. The pairs of Wolverine/Dunkin and Transporter/Ghosted pushed each other all the way up. YHC almost pulled an Ice9 move and was close to dry heaving at the end of that.
    • Circle back for the Six. Catch breath and then circle back for the six.
  • We then had just enough time to run to “slingshot” back down to Roundabout #2.
    • As soon as the leaders of the pack got to the roundabout, turn around and head back. All other Pax turn around wherever you’re at and head back to Roundabout #1.
  • Regroup at Roundabout #1 and head back to CoT.
  • Time!

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

Really impressed with the effort from the gang today! Wolverine, Transporter, Ghosted, and Chicken Little were crushing it, as usual. Paper Jam looks leaner every time I see him. The typical-rucker Jingles hung with the runners for most of the time (mad props). Wedding Singer and Rubbermaid really pushed it on the Indian Run. Great to see Sun Drop, Turnbuckle, and Radar out there, as well.

Thanks to Ghosted/Wolverine for asking me to Q. I think I’m already booked for this same Thursday next year.  😉


  • 3rd Friday 2nd F Lunch
    • Friday, 02/18/22
    • 12:15P to 1:14P
    • @ Greco Fresh Grille (Wesley Chapel)
    • See Das Boot for more details.
  • Q Source (leadership discussion group)
    • Every other Friday
    • Starting Friday, 02/25/22
    • 6:30A to 7:00A
    • @ Cuthbertson Middle School
    • Bring a chair and maybe a blanket.
    • See Mad Dog for more details.
  • Site Q School
    • Monday, 03/14/22
    • 5:30A to 6:15A
    • @ Cuthbertson Middle School
    • See Chastain for more details.
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