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What truly motivates a man?

As the F3 Waxhaw Region prepares to launch a new round of study of leadership through the Q Source program (AM Fridays, following Swarmpromptu at Cuthbertson!), it’s a good time to look at sources of motivation for each of us. A quick review of leading Psychology publications and highly colorful Google Image Search results focus on intrinsic vs extrinsic motivations, self-reward concepts, incentives, fears, threats, social cognition and other words that are outside of YHC’s vocabulary.

However, as men of wisdom, we are familiar with the true key motivators for our half of the species:

  1. Sex
  2. Money
  3. Sex
  4. Sex
  5. Money
  6. Flashy vehicles
  7. Sex
  8. Seeing a friend suffer in a painful-but-not-totally-terrible way

Based on the region’s budget, the goals of F3, and the PAX population, some of the local HIMs turned to #8 for a little midweek motivation to drive Thursday turnout and remind us all to enjoy this amazing February weather because too soon it will be hot and nasty-humid.

Chastain and Chicken Little launched a contest: which site could draw more attendees – The Body Shop or The Floater? Chastain does 50 burpees if The Floater pulls in more and everyone’s favorite poultry man in a towel does fiddy if The Body Shop has more PAX.

YHC had an SOB stalwart in Teddy lined up to Q, which would offer Waxhaw PAX a new face and new style of weinke, so it was on! YHC arrived at least 10 cars at the Body Shop and was excited for a new day! YHC looks around for Teddy and he’s nowhere in sight. Hmmm…. Here come headlights! Oh, wait, that’s One Star. Here comes a Jeep! Wait, that’s Chipotle. Looks like YHC is the substi-q for a solid crew of 18.


  • Mosey
  • SSH
  • Peter Parker
  • Merkins
  • Parker Peter
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Nancy Kerrigans (because it wouldn’t be a Q from YHC without something strange from the Lexicon)


  • Run to Rea Road, stopping at each light for 5x hand-release merkins + 10 American Hammers
  • Return to the school stopping at each light for 10 squats, alternating at lights between Baryshnikov and wide-legged

Team time!

  • Split into 2 teams
  • One runner from each team races to the Rea View sign, climbs over it, climbs back, runs back
  • Winner picks the next exercise for the losing team to do during the next leg, while the winning team does LBCs
  • Two rounds of this

Run the parking lot, stopping at the arrows for 10x Newton’s Cradles at the first 7 arrows, then 5x merkins at the next 6

Return to COT and finish with 8x Pickle Pounders IC


According to Q Source, Exhortation is “encouragement on steroids.” The Chastain-Chicken Challenge was exhortation (in addition to being alliteratively enjoyable). Did 18 PAX show up to strengthen and support their brother Chastain, or did they show up in order to put a turkey-sized hurtin’ on Chicken Little? There was little doubt as comments circled, even less when Chastain brought the Chicken-in-a-towel stand-up out to a cackle of laughter, and absolutely none by the end when One Star got a white towel from his truck and took off his shirt to mirror the stand-up for the family photo. This was all some sort of schadenfreude, though our German friends probably have some other word that better captures enjoyment of seeing a friend suffer. Katagelasticism?

The Body Shop isn’t used to these kinds of numbers and may have been nearing capacity, but still delivered on time. YHC still worked in strange exercises and we may have to submit to Corporate to change the Newton’s Cradle to “Ball Swingers.” That was definitely the hit exercise for the morning, with Nancy Kerrigans and Baryshnikov squats requiring more balance than the PAX are accustomed to.

The Powers That Be for the Passport Challenge may have to double-check Landfill‘s records after he ran around the school sign instead of climbing back over it “because I didn’t hear that part.” YHC can’t even imagine what a Briarcrest community social would be like as much as those guys talk and talk and talk smack. J-Woww easily tore through the workout after days of on-call duty and scoffed at the simplicity of hand-release and regular merkins, while War Eagle ignored the cacophony and showed no tired signs of a hard-earned PR at a half marathon last weekend. Strange moans came from the squats, and finishing out with pickle pounders as a sign of respect to Premature elicited even stranger sounds of… pleasure? Kudos to Sledge, O-69 and Sun Drop for rucking, especially as SD rucked through the pain of being ghosted by an FNG.

Plenty more going but YHC’s memory is fuzzy right now. Thanks for coming out, putting up with a substi-q (we found out that Teddy sent a message on Slack that his back was acting up, but we didn’t get the alert — cue the anti-Slack grumblings), and for loving your brothers. After all this, it looks like The Body Shop won and Chicken Little gets to fly high — don’t forget the overhead clap!

One Star took us out with a prayer.


  • SOBeer Run this Saturday
  • Q Source starts tomorrow
  • Site Q School on March 14 at Cutty — be there!
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