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GTKYP: Chatterbox

Name: Chatterbox

Hospital Name:  Ebenezer Chelladurai

Age: 46

Hometown: Tamil Nadu, India

Family:  Spouse Sheeba and 2 kids, Shalom age 14 and Serah age 8

What do you do for a living: Software developer.

Favorite way to relax: Sports (Watching and playing). Love to try all outdoor sports. Favorite is soccer. I follow Manchester United. Waiting for Charlotte FC to start playing.

Hobbies: Changes time to time. Motor cycle riding, Drones, playing tennis are few of them. 

When did you start F3: 27th July 2020 How did you get your F3 name?  I told a pax that my wife biggest complaint is that I don’t speak much. Thus, the name Chatterbox  

Most Hated Exercise: Flutters

F3 Transformation Story:  I donate blood regularly and as the pandemic started, I decided once again to donate blood. I wanted to get out of my house. This time the blood drive was organized by F3 Waxhaw. As I was waiting for my turn I wanted to know what F3 was as I saw several pax wearing the F3 merchandise. Posse did recognize my anxiety and told me about F3. I was interested as I wanted to get back to physical wellbeing. My 1st workout was the following Monday at Asylum. Felt terrible. Came back the next day and I felt even more worse. Wrigley and Fusebox took turns to hang out with me at 6 that day. That made me come back. I was not left behind. I kept coming back as I knew someone had my back. I started improving and was able to see and feel the change in me.

Encouragements from fellow pax made me work harder. Backblasts were another tool of encouragement. I had lost 30lbs in the 1st year. My Dad passed away May 2020 when the pandemic started. I was not able to go to the funeral. It was heavy on my heart. I mostly hide my feelings within me. F3 has enabled me be strong. Just seeing fellow pax every morning is a great refresher. Pax joined me as I remembered my Dad 1 year after he passed away. It was heartwarming. I did not know anyone in the area until I joined F3. Now I’ve got a great fellowship here. Thanks to F3. I love the 2nd and 3rd F’s. That has gotten me closer to Pax in the area. Waxhaw F3 is awesome.

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