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A Hard Breathe

My first Q of the new year and in a long while. I’ve got 2 years of F3 under my belt (though I show a bit more over my belt these days) as of last Saturday, my F3versary. At times I’ve led and followed, lost weight and gained weight, and persevered and let myself succumb. Over the past few months I’ve believed too much in my excuses and just before last Saturday I recognized that (my head was in the sand) and I look forward to challenging myself each day going forward, a determination that is propelled by the men of F3. Having done two bootcamps this week, I’ve pushed harder than I have in the past six months and it feels good. My plan is to condition myself as soon as I can to rejoin the bootcamp crew more regularly. It’ll definitely help me to build up my wind which Fuse Box recognized, encouragingly, commenting that it’s good to hear a hard breathe because you know your pushing hard (or something like that).

DICCS: Given while some PAX were pulling in (Sledge was a little anxious).

Mosey/Warm-Up: We mosey around the front parking lot to the base of the school’s entrance for some warm-up exercises. 15 SSH (in cadence), 15 Imperial Walkers (in cadence), 15 Moroccan Nightclubs (in cadence), 15 Merkins (on my down), Runner’s Stretch with hand to the sky, and the Damascus stretch to wrap things up.

The Workout:

All Pax run to the top of the entrance hill and while waiting for the six (yours truly), air presses. I call a for a 10 count…that hill was tough for me. We work our way down the hill running two lamp posts down and one lamp post back. Along the way we do 7s with seven Merkins before running the two lamp posts and 1 jump squat before heading back one lamp post…7/1, 6/2, and so on til we reach the bottom. Another 10 count called. We next mosey to the track.

At the track we split into two groups with each group beginning at opposite ends of the track. One group starts with five American Hammers (in cadence) while the other starts with Flutters (in cadence). After each set of abs each group runs to the opposite end of the track and does the other ab exercise. We repeat this loop for 10 minutes or so. We next mosey to the school wall.

At the wall while squatting against the wall we begin with 25 air presses then 25 Ditkas (in cadence), 25 LSS (in cadence), 10 Donkey Kicks, and 25 Mountain Climbers. Thinking (really hoping) time was near up, I’m told there’s 7 minutes to go…while trying to think on the fly Fuse Box calls a welcomed repeato of the set of exercises we just completed. Next, I think Big Tuna called a few SOB favorite exercises, I didn’t catch the names…(1) on your six by the curb extend legs and lean back and pull legs back, (2) a form of V-up while reaching for your toes alternating legs, and (3) curb dips. With 40 seconds left we run around the parked cars back to COT. That’s a wrap.

Thanks to all the support from the PAX encouraging me to push hard and helping out with taking the lead calling exercises at the end.  


Well, I’m now realizing I didn’t video name-o-rama which includes FNG Uncle Eddie (EH’d by Noonan) from the Seattle area who embarrassingly clogged up some pipes at Noonan’s house while visiting.

The Rooster (3/12?) is coming up (5 member marathon with each runner covering a mile individually at time 5x and the whole team running the 26th mile together) as is Site Q School (3/14?).

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