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Diccs– 1/2 way given until I was told ignition does not care about the DICCS–

Warm Up- Mosey almost up the crazy cabin guys house-

Jimmy Dungan

Runners pose right side and left side, and we are off

The Thang

The 3 B’S- Burpees, Bomb Jacks and running Blocks (running baby).

Head down Cuthbertson rd. and take right into Lawson- and try to round up this chatted ass group – the first few minutes was like heard cats.

Mosey down Five forks and at three different places complete —

2- burpees and 5- Bomb Jacks

Get to Trading Path Lane and rinse repeat

Get to Gallberry lane for some cul-de sac work

Cul De sac # 1- 20 Speed Skaters

Interestion- 5 Jump Squats

Cul de sac #2- 10 mike tyson

Mosey back to start and rinse repeat process two more times.

Mosey to Howard Mill stopping two times for 2- burpees and 5 bomb jacks

Hit the trail and when we exit turn right to PAW PAW Lane for 4 corners

Each corner- 2 burpees and 5 bomb jacks

Another round for corners

10 Mike Tysons/ 10 LBCS/10 pistol LBCS EACH LEG

The hill on PAW PAW is a good place for 5’s or 6’s

Bomb Jack at Bottom and Burpee up top – we got 4 rounds in before it wa stime to roll.

Mosey back to COT through the woods and stop at two lights for 2 burpees, 5 bomb jacks and 5 Tyson. ugh


Chastain tapped me in off the bench over the weekend due to an injury- Happy Healing young lad! Today’s group was some sort of chatty for some reason, maybe the weather but as always, the gazelles were ready to roll! During our workout there were so chatting about books, book reports, required mileage and maybe even a few recipe exchanges but none the less it was a great crowd and the boys put in the work.


16 dudes rocked it at Ignition today!! NICE WORK BOYS

3/14/2022- Q source- Flash closed

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