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Well Here It Is

Better late than never for the Commitment Backblast.

Thanks to J-WOwwwwww for inviting/tolding me to Q this past Saturday and 12 Pax had some fun. My apologies for the delay as weekend activities had me tied up till yesterday evening.

As 6:30 came around DiCCS were given and we were off to the circle at Nesbit for some SSH, Merkins, Calf Stretch, Mountain Climbers.

From there we headed up to the first road across from the Kensington for a little Paula Abdul of Dry Docks and LBC. Then to the MB Clubhouse for Dick In A Box. Everyone lined up in a plank, last Pax completed a Merkin, ran to the front and Planked, and so on till we completed the circle. Next was a Burpee Indian Run to the circle at Nesbit down the path. From there squats every other tree to Kensington entrance. We partnered up for some rock work (Curls, Tris, Shoulder Press, and Press) wile the other partner ran to the corner of the lot completed a Burpee and returned, at this point we welcomed Posse to Commitment. Next up was a Mosey to the front of the school for Big Boys, and finished up at 7:30 with a Mosey back for COT.

As we were back on time but the trail run/ruck still out I attempted to start the count off. It was suggested we wait unlike a certain workout a day prior, and glad we did. Before long the Pax arrived and we proceeded to count off. Overall we had a good turnout in Waxhaw with 26 Pax taking part in Commitment or Paper Trail Run/Ruck.

Damascus on Q next week


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