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Award Winning Q, Second Team Form Police

DICCS were given out and quickly noticed we were short our first team Form Police…NO Worries! We were covered.

Warm Up-Mosey to BB parking lot…

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Rocking Night Clubs, Arm Circles, Plank it Up for Calf Stretches…and the Second Team Form Police (STFP) started. Upward and Downward DOG, who knows which is which…who cares-just do both!!!

The Thang

Starfish-Center 5 Rodney Monroe’s each time, Corner One by benches: 20 Dips, Corner Two by Hydrant: 20 Rocky Balboas, Corner Three: 20 Smurf Jacks, Corner Four: 20 LSS…Three Times Each…This is where the STFP really enjoyed letting everyone know they were there today. They even talked about peoples’ form on exercises we weren’t even doing! Well done fellas-ReCalc would be proud. Those two really bonded this morning. It was really cute to watch.

Mosey to the street lights near the loading dock. 1st light: 10 murkins, 2nd light 10 LBCs…repeat at each light to the stop sign..wait on 6. Head to next entrance and continue with street lights…10 murkins, 10 LSS. I didn’t want any of the PAX on the ground while on this stretch of road. Mosey to the rock pile and pick a partner.

P1-Run to the curb

P2-with the rock100 curls, 100 overhead presses, 100 Triceps Curls, 100 Bench Presses

Mosey to Elementary School entrance and grab some wall…25 Air Presses, 25 Air Jabs, 25 Air Presses

Mosey to Middle School Entrance-25 Jimmy V-Ups…back to COT

Have a nice day!

Moleskin It was an honor to lead these 13 men on this beautiful morning today on a little tour of Watchtower. Nice work fellas!


Convergence on Friday at Cutty with Dark Helmet on Q. Check your form, your F3 nomenclature, and the 5 principles of F3 JIC. Q-Source after the workout…bring a chair.

Site Q-School on Monday at Cutty

Q-School in April

Weight Loss Challenge (yourself) starts Friday

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