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What About the Calf Stretch?!?

Pulled up this morning and immediately saw a LOT of guys already milling about. The mid 60’s temps really brought everyone out which was great to see. Have to admit I was a little nervous about leading this large a group for my first bootcamp Q, but there was no time to overthink. Gave a quick DiCCs and then off to the front of the middle school.

The Thang

Warm up: SSH, Toy soldiers, Merkins x 15, Flutters x 15. Right before turning over for the flutters, there was a lot of groaning and I heard someone yell “You’re already in the position!”

I’ve heard about @damascus’s love for the calf stretch but I’ve never experienced it firsthand. I didn’t want to find out what happened if I didn’t call a calf stretch, especially since the sentiment of the group seemed to be growing increasingly angry. So, to maintain my perfect “5 star Q rating” we did a nice long calf stretch before heading back toward the running path.

At the path…Descending monkey humpers (starting with 10) at each lamp post

At Rudy’s poop shed: 15 Mike Tyson’s, 15 donkey kicks

Circle up for Chicken Little Russian Dancers (? not really sure what to call these) x 15 fwd x10 side

Pick up a rock – 30 rows, 20 overhead press, 20 speed skaters

Mosey over to benches for some partner work: Bench dips while partner does bear crawl then lunge walk around triangle, 2 rounds.

Over to the front of HS for what I called “4 corners”, but was swiftly corrected by @fusebox and told that this is actually a “starfish”

15 merkins

15 Smurf jacks

15 plank jacks

15 big boys 

5 Bobby Hurley’s in the middle

Over to the stairs/awning where we did 11s with burpees at top of steps and squats at the bottom. There was a lot of complaining on this one plus it was getting late, so I called an audible about midway through to head back toward COT.

Abs on the way back: Peter Parker’s IC, Plank/Side plank with leg lift, Box cutters. Back at COT we did Runner’s stretch and 1 more calf stretch just for good measure, then time.


Q’ing your first workout in the gloom at Cutty is a little bit like getting your driver’s license after 16 years of being driven around by your mom. You THINK you know where you’re going, but when you’re actually in the driver’s seat you realize that you don’t really know. Thanks to @inspector-gadget for helping me to navigate the campus. Also, appreciate the chance to lead you fine gentlemen on such a beautiful morning.


3/11: Q source after Impromptu. Not a lot of reading for this week

3/14: Site Q school at Flash, 5:30am

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