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SiteQ School-30 grads and a “mole.”

I love the Seinfeld GIF that is used quite often in The Playhouse…. Kramer says “Without Rules there is Chaos”. I kept thinking of that this morning as Chastain (with help from Carbload and Premature) was going through the rules and procedures for a Site Q …..and describing why we have these in place! We also learned a lot about “Shit Sandwiches”… and their benefit to Site Q’s……Lastly, the big highlight, we were all suckered by a certain mole placed by Chastain….more on that later. So in a nutshell, another great morning at F3 Waxhaw.

Great job to Chastain- and his crew! It was a fun and informative morning!

To the details: Chastain”voluntold” a few of us to perform certain duties.

DICCS were given: Great job to the first voluntold volunteer –Schnitzel .


Premature did his usual bang up job getting the Pax ready…his counting is now impeccable. (Thank-you Dredd)

The Thang:

As Mentioned, Chastain voluntold a few pax to Q the workout portion under the guise of ” Your Q did not show up”….you are now the Q. This was an important lesson….as Site Q’s we need to be ready at all times with an emergency weinke.

Two Hand Touch: 10 minute Q (Nice lightpole work down to Rudy’s/Transporter”s shed)

Tanyatine : 10 minute Q (of course speedskaters and a little running laps/stairs mixed in)

Mute: 10 minute Q (merkins until I say stop …then more merkins! …..Mosey back to COT)

All did a great job of performing on the “fly”.


Chastain and crew let us know the ins and outs of what it takes to be an effective Site Q. This is my second time going through it…and it is a great refresher on how we can impact each workout and make it successful.

Look for the link to the Site Q handout Chastain put on Groupme. Great Info.

SHIT SANDWICH: Basically provide feedback to your Q—-especially a VQ-but do it in a way that you point out what he did good first–what can be improved upon second -and end on a positive note!

THE MOLE: Special thanks to “Bill Nye” who was the mole acting like he was an FNG—-after we named him Graham Cracker—we found out he was actually a tenured Pax… (forgot the region) He actually helped write the Site Q information. His big compliment was a shout out to PAPER JAM–who kept close to him and didn’t let him fall to the back of the pack by himself! KUDOS Paper Jam!


-St Pat’s Day: Sledge playing at Mary O’Neills 4pm-7pm

-Q School: April 2nd- Don’t want to miss this!

-Waxhaw Trail Fest: Second Annual ….April 30th

Thanks to Dunkin for taking us out…..

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