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Put Me In Coach!

Swarm/Impromptu/MASH Family Photo (03/18/22)

Quotes from the Gloom:

  • Dunkin! We need a substi-Q! Can you do it tomorrow?” –Slight rephrasing of a text from Sugar Daddy yesterday.
  • “Totally. Put me in Coach!” – Slight rephrasing of YHC’s response to Sugar Daddy.

As a wise man once said, “When the time for performance arrives, the time for preparation is past.”

Friday morning arrives. = Time to perform.

Let’s do this!

The Thang

  • Mosey from CoT over to the front of the High School.
  • Warmup
    • Side Straddle Hop x25 I/C (50 total)
    • Merkin x10 I/C (20 total)
    • Plank Jacks x25 I/C (50 total)
  • Mosey over to the Triangle South of Geeb Jungle.
  • Grab some wall and do Prime the Pump (Fairly rapid calf raises while steadying self against a wall or piece of playground equipment.) – x35 I/C (140 total)
  • Shoulder-o-Rama
    • Arm Circles forwards x15 I/C (60 total)
    • Arm Circles backwards x15 I/C (60 total)
    • Seal Claps x15 I/C (60 total)
    • Overhead Seal Claps x15 I/C (60 total)
    • Moroccan Night Clubs x15 I/C (60 total)
  • Run around Geeb Jungle.
  • Partner Work Part 1!
    • Partner 1 is the timer. Run a lap around Geeb Jungle.
    • Partner 2: Cut a Flip – 5 Merkins, 5 Big Boy Sit-ups, repeato until Partner 1 gets back.
    • Switch until each partner has run around Geeb Jungle twice.
  • Ab Web
    • Big Boy Sit-up x1
    • American Hammers x4 I/C (16 total)
    • …we got up to 7 Big Boy Sit-ups / 28 American Hammers before moving on to…
  • Carolina Jackass
    • Carolina Dry Docks x10
    • Donkey Kicks x10
    • Wall hold (keep feet up on the wall on the last Donkey Kick) x10 seconds
    • Repeat going down to 9 of each, etc.
    • …We got down to 7 (34 total reps of each exercise) before deciding to go back to some more Partner Work.
  • Partner Work Part 2!
    • Partner 1 is the timer. Run a lap around Geeb Jungle.
    • Partner 2: Bench a Flip – 10 Dips, 10 Step-ups (1=1, so 5 per leg), repeato until Partner 1 gets back.
    • Switch until each partner has run around Geeb Jungle twice.
  • Plank-o-Rama
    • Right hand out to the side – hold for 15 seconds
    • Right hand to the sky – hold for 15 seconds
    • Right foot to the sky (along with the hand) – hold for 15 seconds
    • Left hand out to the side – hold for 15 seconds
    • Left hand to the sky – hold for 15 seconds
    • Left foot to the sky (along with the hand) – hold for 15 seconds
    • Peter Parkers x25 I/C (50 total)
  • Finish up Carolina Jackass from 6 down to 1 (21 total reps of each exercise).
  • Pick ourselves off the pavement and Mosey over to the stairs on the other side of the High School.
  • 3 Rounds of Squat Tysons
    • 10 Squats at bottom of the stairs
    • Run up the stairs
    • 10 Mike Tysons at the top of the stairs
    • Run down the ramp back to bottom of the stairs.
  • Mosey over to the walkway that runs around the West side of the Middle School that leads back to CoT.
  • 5 Squats at each light.
  • Called it before we got all the way back to make sure that we got back to CoT on time.
  • Hold Squat position for the next 30 seconds and…
  • Time!

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

The Swarm workout has always had a special place in my heart. Swarm was the first workout I attended nearly a year ago (04/02/21), and several of the same Pax that were there on my first day of F3 were there again this morning; viz., Dasher (who was on Q that first time), Sugar Daddy (who is Mr. Consistent as far as keeping the quality of the workout at a high level week in and week out), Blue Screen (who has become a really good friend over my time in F3), and Schnitzel (who is always pushing me during a workout—dude is sneaky tough). Add in the dynamic trio of Premature, Mute, and Recalculating–who have continued to push their limits and thereby pushed the Pax around them to a higher level—and we had all the makings of an awesome group at Swarm this morning.

Even though I was not originally expecting to Q this morning, I am, as always, glad that I had the opportunity. Having recently attended “Site Q School” (shout out to our amazing instructors—Chastain et al.), I was well aware that a Site Q (or really any Pax that has been coming for a decent amount of time) should be prepared to step in and Q at any time. With that mindset, I have determined to not turn down any legitimate request to Q a workout if my schedule permits (but..sshhhh…don’t tell all the Site Q’s this at once).

I have personally been the beneficiary of many great Q’s and definitely feel a responsibility to “give back” and contribute where I can. One of the five core principles of F3 is that it is “peer led in a rotating fashion”. I am just as much a part of the rotation as every other Pax—no more, no less. As the proverb goes, “Iron sharpens iron”. Sometimes we are the “iron” and sometimes we are the…”iron”. Hmmm…point being that we are all responsible for being led and for leading. We “sharpen” one another in each role. Keep on sharpening!


  • Q Source (leadership discussion group)
    • Every other Friday
    • Next one is Friday, 03/25/22
    • 6:30A to 7:00A (following Impromptu / Swarm)
    • @ Cuthbertson Middle School
    • Bring a chair and maybe a blanket.
    • See Mad Dog for more details.
  • Q School
    • Saturday, 04/02/22
    • 6:30A to 8:00A
    • @ Cuthbertson Middle School
    • See Fuse Box for more details.
  • Waxhaw Trail Fest 2
    • Saturday, 04/30/22
    • 6:00A to 11:00A
    • @ Carolina Thread Trail
    • See Kid Rock for more details.
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