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Digging Deep at Diesel

It was Deep Dish’s first time Qing Diesel…nay his first time even being at the Diesel site, so we were all eager to see what he had in store for us.

Warm up: SSH, imperial walkers, Moroccan night clubs, calf stretch.

The Thang

11s starting with merkins at the curb, then lunge walk to the middle of parking lot for plank jacks. Then over to the coupons for 25 reps each of:

Tricep extensions


Chest press


OH press


Big boys


Back to the curb for more 11’s, this time with curb dips and dry docks. Thankfully there was no lunge walk with this one. but flipping back and forth on the curb was still a pain in the ass.

To the coupons again, this time 20 reps of each exercise and ascending from the bottom of the list.

After a brief stroll around the parking lot to recover, we went back at it from the top down once more with 15 reps of each.

A little Mary to finish things off: box cutters, merkins, speed skaters, DONE


I was surprised to @sledge-o-matic out there after his St. Paddy’s Day performance at Mary O’Neill’s. Seeing an irishman up early doing anything the day after St. Patrick’s day is impressive, nevermind kicking ass at Diesel.

@tuckandroll was up to his usual, just being a beast and curling the hell out of those cinder blocks like they were nothing.

Good to see @butter man out there again with the warm weather. He was keeping up with everyone since he’s been maintaining with the Peloton over the winter. Looking forward to seeing him at workouts again.

All-star co-site Q @turnbuckle was putting in work while also thinking of who he can line up to Q in November 2022.

Jingles has a scheduled “off day” but woke up this morning and decided he would just continue killing it. Dropping some LB’s and keeping up the momentum.

Thanks to @deep-dish for you willingness to Q an unfamiliar site. Everyone is feeling those lunge walks in their legs today, by the way.

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