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This is the thing with me: I hate predictable and repetitive things.

If I eat the same lunch two days in a row, you know I’ll want something different on day three. I hate TV shows or movies where you can predict what will come next. So it is with F3, I’ll do SSH for the umpteenth time and won’t complain a bit, but since the Q calls the shots, if he says SSH, then SSH it is!!

I like to think that MY WORKOUTS will be unpredictable. This only being my second Q so far, we’ll see how long I can keep them “original” and fresh. Time will tell.

SUPER-DUPER EARLY PREBLAST Y’ALL: I’m signed up for two upcoming Qs:

  1. da Vinci on April 2nd. That Uber-Hip SOB PAX @dunkin will probably be there! Heck, he was at my first two Qs!!!
  2. Diesel on April 22nd. My Prius don’t run on Diesel but I’ll still be there, ’nuff said!


Gave sufficient DICCS due to veteran nature of PAX in attendance. Mosey to side cul-de-sac area:

15 SSH (I know, I broke my own rule about keeping it unpredictable!!)

15 Imperial Walkers. Here I wanted to make it FUN so I announced before the exercise: “For this next exercise, some of the “numbers” will be words.

For example:

1, 2 ,3 (Pax said One)

1,2,3 (Pax said Two)

I, LOVE, MY PRIUS (Pax were supposed to say Three. No one did. Wow, I’ll never try that crap again!! Live and Learn, Indeed!)

15 Long Slow Squats

The Thang:

5 SSH (See above about breaking my own rule re: SSH) at every other light on service road to stop sign. Pax will plank or Al Gore to wait for the six.

Turn around

5 Merkins at every light back towards cul-de-sac area.

Mosey to gravel parking lot for classic Starfish.

5 Burpees in the center every time.

I had got to the AO early and taped a sheet of paper in each corner with different exercises, as follows:

FOR ALL CORNERS, You did the number of reps according to the number next to it.

Corner A:

1. (one rep) Tricep Extension with 1 Kettlebell

2. (two reps) Big Boys

3. (three reps) SSH

4. (four reps) Mike Tysons

Corner B:

1. Mountain Climbers

2. Bomb Jacks

3. Bobby Hurleys

4. Your choice (pick your own exercise)

Corner C:

1. Overhead Press with a coupon

2. Imperial Walkers

3. Speed Skater (2=1)

4. Bonnie Blairs

Corner D:

1. Merkins

2. LBCs

3. Squats

4. Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to front of Weddington Middle School.

Here I utilized the same app (Random Box) that I used during my first Q.

I like this app because it will generate a random number (from a list of numbers) and a random exercise (again, from a list of exercises).

Numbers: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14

Exercises: Burpees, Merkins, LBCs, Bomb Jacks, Squats, SSH, Heels to Heaven, Speed Skaters (2=1), Arm Curls (2=1)

Each Pax hits the random button in the app and it spits out a random rep number and a random exercise. Do what the app says then run around the car lane island in front of school. Rinse and repeat.

After several rounds of this, and with only about 15 minutes left we used the app but did the exercises as a group and then ran around the island as a group. Repeated this three times.

Five minutes left, mosey to COT.

Had several PAX take turns calling out exercises for us to do as a group and then TIME UP.

Blue Screen closed us with a prayer.


I was really enjoyed leading everyone on Tuesday; such a great group of guys.

I’m getting better at my Q game; this one was definitely better than the first one at Aspen.

Blue Screen let it slip that he cheated while we were using the Random Box app. He said that if he got a result with high reps of a difficult exercise (i.e. 14 Burpees), he would just hit the button again for an easier/lower-rep exercise. Jeeez, gotta keep an eye that guy!!

A Pax who shall remain nameless (who originally EH’d me) promised that he would be there, but was a No-Show. This is like being @ghosted about 11 months into F3, WTF??? With friends like that, if I was friends with everyone, I would be working out alone!!


Q School on April 2nd

Blood Drive on April 9th

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