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Flying under the radar…

Several weeks ago, Schneider again cornered me after a workout at Watchtower and asked me to Q. I told him I would get back to him and check my calendar. He stood right next to me and asked how my calendar looked. Dang…no pressure. I told him it looked good then went home to begin the process of trying to plan a workout for the first time and not stress too much about it. My staff kept coming to get me and laughing when I told them what I was doing. To be honest, I had put Schneider and Ricky Bobby off enough and knew my time had come. It can be intimidating leading men who kill it each week. I did not think there would be too many guys there since it was a VQ. It can be hit or miss. Well, thanks be to Mad Dog and his announcement the previous evening. I watched as car after car kept pulling in. Dang…no pressure.

DICCS covered to some degree and we were off for our mosey to the 4 square lot.

Warm Up:

20 x SSH, 20 x Imperial Walkers, 20 x Moroccan Nightclubs, 20 x Potato Pickers, Calf stretch, Runner’s stretch

The Thang:

2 rounds of 4 Corners/Starfish:

1st round: 20 x Bobby Hurleys, 20 x shouder taps, 20 x Dips, 20 x American Hammers

2nd round: 15 x Bobby Hurleys, 15 X shoulder taps, 15 x Dips, 15 x American Hammers

Mosey to bus lot light posts and do alternating sets of 10 Bomb Jacks and 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Mosey to WES entrance.

WES light posts alternating sets of 20 Big Boys and 20 Mike Tysons. Mosey to the rock garden for partner work.

3 sets of Rock Work with a partner. Partner is the timer and runs to opposite curb and back. 175 Curls, 150 Bent over rows, 150 chest presses. Mosey to WES circle.

WES circle: 20 Air presses, 20 LBC’s, 15 Donkey Kicks. Run a lap around the circle in between. Mosey to WMS circle.

WMS circle: 20 box cutters, 1 lap, 20 Rosalitas. Audible back to COT due to time.

COT with 30 seconds left to catch our breath.


So being of Japanese heritage and not moving back to the US until I was 12, I do tend to fly under the radar. It’s ingrained in me to just blend in and conform to the group. So the call out on the Playhouse was actually pretty accurate. I tend to be in the background doing my thing. At church, I tend to gravitate towards set up, tear down, and manual labor. Leading this morning was a much needed kick in the pants to be more willing to step out of my comfort zone. At work, I am totally in my wheelhouse and that comes naturally to me to lead my office staff. Thanks to Ricky Bobby, Schneider, and the whole F3 community for providing that nudge I needed.

There was a lot of good chatter this morning. Lots of guys encouraging each other as we moved from area to area.

I never know how much running to expect. I have to admit that I hate running now since I have a lot of Achilles issues from years of soccer and the military. So I tried to get enough running to keep the Gazelles happy. I hope we did with the 2.85 miles my Strava app recorded.

Brutus, I totally felt sorry for you partnering with Damascus at the rock garden. I did that once and paid for it. Never ever let Damascus pick the rock. You and Damascus crushed it.

Chastain, as usual, out in front. Also, he has the most amazing form during Bomb Jacks. Truly a sight to behold in the dim light of the early morning.

Ricky Bobby picking up the six several times and is a great example of leadership as site Q. He reached out several times to make sure I was good to go.

Elmers and Maple Syrup were quitely putting in the work.

Glad to see Chainsaw grinding it out. I hope we can all be doing this in the years to come. Great work!

Magnolia was my partner at the rock pile. He was a beast today.

Fuse Box and Landfill were consistent and were getting the job done today. I did get questions if we were going to use the hard gravel lot by COT. Nope. Not on my watch.

Working out with Blue Screen is always interesting. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth as you run along with him. Crypto, politics, who knows what else.

Mad Dog is always keeping spirits up in the early hours. Never a dull comment, especially during the calf stretching.


Blue Screen shared with the group a ministry he is involved with that involves handing out bags to those that are less fortunate. If you have not had an opportunity to hear what he has been doing, please reach out to him. Fuse Box shared his heart today about feeling led to pick up a bag and giving it to a gentleman. Great stuff and thanks for sharing!

25 March: Q source discussion after Impromptu. Reach out to Mad dog.

02 April: Q school for those interested. Reach out to Fuse Box.

Thanks again for not being to hard on me for the first Q.

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