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A Tired Q…

So I will have to admit that I was very tired and not looking forward to this Q because of how busy I was this past weekend with softball, baseball, and 2.0 BDay Party on Saturday and then an all day softball tournament Sunday (8am-7:30pm) for my oldest 2.0.

I am quite familiar with the AO since I am there two to three times a week during Softball/Baseball season but I still got there early to scope out a few spots and fill in the gaps in the plan.

We started out with a mosey around the front of the school car rider line before doing our warm up back near COT. Warm up consisted of the usual suspects of exercises (my brain is fried so I can’t remember them all) but we did SSH, merkins, runners pose, LBC’s, morroccan nightclub. Once we were sufficiently warmed up, off we went to the playground (as I had the Fresh Prince theme playing in my head) to do 3 rounds of pull ups, squats, LBC’s, and plank (30, 45, 60 seconds).

From the playground we went over to the covered area where one pax ran a lap (covered area to stairs and back, up the stairs and around the fence, up the hill and around the fence) and the others completed an exercise chosen by the PAX that was running. All PAX, except Ghosted, were merciful and chose an ab, arms, or legs. He chose on his last lap burpees, probably after hearing me grouse about not enjoying them.

After three rounds were complete, it was time to head back to the front of the school, so I took the PAX around the backside of the school to complete the loop. Once we got back to COT, we completed a round of Mary before calling time.

Announcements: Sign up for the Blood Drive on April 9 and Waxhaw Trail Fest April 30th

I took us out in prayer.

Moleskin: As I stated above, I was not looking forward to this Q because I knew I was going to be absolutely wiped from the weekend activities but I realized that my daughter (F3 – Marshmallow) played six games over the weekend between Saturday and Sunday, while also pitching in 7 innnings over those games, so I needed to follow her example and make it happen for the team. I also know that if I didn’t make it out, that Fusebox wouldn’t let me hear the end of it since he was one of the coaches for the team. Once we got out and moving, I was glad I did because I needed the time moving around and the fellowship.

Moleskin Part 2: My seven year streak of not having written a backblast is now over. I don’t know how I let it get this long but after a while it became a source of shame and embarassment that I had not done one, so I never asked for the instructions. Thankfully Dunkin hit me up this morning to remind me to post the family photo and backblast, so I knew it was time to let go of my shame and reach out. Of course Posse was all too happy to help, so here we are. I promise to do a better job in the future with getting these written, maybe every 2-3 years.

Moleskin Part 3: So this one is not related to F3 but has everything to do with what F3 is all about. One of my neighbors has been a long time restaurant/ grocery store chef and as he and his M started having kids, we got to talking about what he wanted to do with his career so he could be around more for his family. I gave him the example of a friend that I used to go to church with that was in the same situation as a chef and he transitioned into the world of project and operations management and said that some of the skills of a head/exec chef are no different than those of a project manager. They have to coordinate different groups responsible for different items on a plate (project) to bring it all together for a successful meal for their Customers. I said this because I wanted him to see how he could position what he does to future employers. Well fast forward a few years and he is working outside late one evening and we start to chat and he said thank you for the conversation we had those few years ago because it helped motivate him and push him in the right direction. I say this not to toot my own horn but to remind everyone that even those small conversations you may have with someone could have a hugely positive impact on their life. It was a great reminder to me that everything doesn’t have to be a huge thing but that sometimes even the smallest act goes a very long way.

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