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Excuse me what did you say?

Well to my surprise I was on Q today at Bushwood, woke up checked The Playhouse and thought ok lets do it. Nine other Pax including Kerouac who crushed it today, welcome to the Gloom. At 5:28 DiCCS were given and we were off.

Starting with a Mosey to the front of MES we completed a mix of SSH, Merkins, Runners Stretch, Mountain Climbers, and Moroccan Nightclubs. From there we Moseyed to the rock wall for some Dips and Derkins before heading over to Turkey Trot. We started with a Triple Nickel of Big Boys and Burpees, and cut it short at 4 laps due to time. From there we hit the rock plie for 4 rounds of shoulder work with a Mosey and Burpee at the end of the lot and back. We ended with a little partner work of Mike Tysons while Partner 2 ran the circle at the bus loss, and ended with Donkey Kicks while Partner 2 completed a Bear Crawl.

Time was promptly called at 5:15 at COT. Everyone pushed it today, and yes Doc and Long Haul were well out front of the Pax leading by example.

WordPress is kicking out Kerouac and Tickler when trying to add their name to the list of Pax.


  • Q school next Saturday 4/9
  • Blood drive at Waddington Church 4/9

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