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Sand and Grit…

One thing I love and appreciate about my F3 bro’s is nobody ever quits and they always encourage one another (with some sarcasm of course) to push through the pain and exhaustion. Lugging around a 25lb sandbag for 60 minutes is no small task for anyone but my F3 brothers put their mettle to the test and brought it this morning like I knew they would.

DiCCS- were given and away we went.

Warm Up– 15SSH and various stretching.

The Thang

  • Perform said exercise and then run to the far light pole and back. Unfortunately “back” was uphill into the wind this morning.

Upper Body

-25 merkins

-25 curls

-25 overhead press

-25 upright rows

-25 tricep extensions


-25 Simba’s

-25 American Hammers

-25 Flutters

-25 Big Boi’s

-25 Box Cutters

Lower Body

-25 Front Squats

-25 Back Squats

-25 Lunges

-25 Bunny Hops

-25 Calf Raisers

  • Mosey over to benches near Geeb Jungle 2X’s with a lap in between.

-25 step-ups with sandbag

-25 dips with sandbag

-25 dirkins

Mosey over to the stairs with the sandbag 7’s- Running a lap with the sandbag each round.

-1 burpee at the bottom

-6 Mike Tyson’s at the top

  • Wall-sits and Overhead presses 2X’s

-Wall sit with sandbag-30 secs

-10 overhead presses with sandbag

Mosey back to COT to regroup with Impromptu.


Recalculating was the man this morning. As tired as he was he never gave up and continued to fight. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him better over the last few months after being intimated by his form policing when I started . Great dude that truly cares about F3 Waxhaw and we need more like him.

Great to have my boy Easy Button back out coming off injury. I know he says he’s still recovering but he definitely put on a good show and gets an A+ for effort with a gimp.


WTF- 4/30 $10 entry includes food and t-shirt.

Blood Drive 4/9

Amramp- 4/22

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