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Stupid Circuit

The Thang

Tabata Circuit

  • 35 sec exercise
  • 20 sec Mountain Climber or Peter Parker (alternating)
  • 10 sec transition to next exercise


  • Thursters w/ 20LB slam ball
  • Jump Rope
  • Dips,
  • 1 Leg Good Morning with 50LB kettlebell
  • Coupon Curls or Tricep extension (alternating)

The circuit was stupid simple, but that didn’t make it easy.

We stayed dry and stayed busy with this simple circuit of continuous motion. My heart rate was up in the Max range especially toward the end. A usual, it’s great to have the support and camaraderie of my brother High Hat. Good luck in the work world and to Rock with his Golf game.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of you fart sackers (do we have a term for evening fart sackers? let’s get on it!) when you get around to showing up again – you know you want it. You know you miss it. See you in the not so gloomy.

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