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Watchtower April 5th Magnolia VQ

Warm Up: Past 4 square lot to bus lot

20 side straddle hops 

20 imperial walkers

stretch between legs center, left, right, back to center

Calf Stretch

Runners stretch

10 merkins

Mosey to 4 squares lot

Center – 10 Burpees

corner 1 – 20 dips

Corner 2 – 20 Step ups

Corner 3 – 20 LBC’s

Corner 4 – 20 merkins

Mosey to back road with lights

Every lot alternate 10 bomb jacks and 10x Mike tysons

At end gather for the 6th then down other side

Alternate 10 Dry docs and 10 lunges

Rock Pile – partner up (Lots of cars this morning so proceeded with caution)

100 Curles – 1 runner, 1 curling

100 overhead press

100 rows

100 bench press

Mosey to front of school Grab wall

25 air presses run lap

20 donkey kicks then run a lap

20 Big boys then run lap

20 mountain climbers run lap

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Circle up, Names – Record it, Announcements, Prayer, Photo

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