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All about my Chiseled VQ

Back in the day I was told I was too Mash/Diesel and not capable of being a Q at Chiseled. Come full circle to just a few months shy of my 3 year anniversary here in F3 and I have finally received my shot to Q Chiseled. This was only my 3rd site that I have ever Q’d at. Chiseled wound up being the Q that I had the most pax attend. Still wondering whether its just the site that attracted pax to attend or do guys actually have the faith in me that I will lead a quality Q. What I learned is that I still have much room for improvement in being a Q. There were a few errors I made which did not sit well with me and weighed heavily on my mind all day yesterday….hence the reason for a day late Backblast. But I got over it and sent a text to Loafer asking him for 3 new schedule dates as Q at Chiseled because I want redemption to come back stronger and to be able to fix what I did wrong. It also helps that I am going to use my birthday weekend Q at Diesel in May to fix my mistakes.

The Thang:

Began with giving Diccs.

Then went into warmups of:

Side straddle hops

Moroccan Night Clubs

Calf stretch

Jimmy Duggans

Arm stretches

Time to head over to Mount Chiseled for the main event. Fireman’s carry coupon over to Mount Chiseled. There is where a large white board (Thanks to Posse for allowing me to borrow his white board) was filled with different exercises that we would complete.

Had the guys split into 4 different groups. Each group would complete station work.

Group 1:

Head over to the tires set up on each side of the islands lined up with tent side closest to Mount Chiseled. Instructions were 2 guys would flip each tire all the way to the curb area of the back gravel area of Five Stones Church. Then run from there to the opposite side of the parking lot where 2 logs would be waiting for them. Log work consisted of:

10 Chest Presses

10 Curls

10 Overhead Presses

10 Overhead Squats

10 log tosses into the grass

Group 2:

25 of each and after each set of 25 you run a lap around Mount Chiseled.

Weighted squats

Bent Over Rows

Chest Presses

Curls (for the girls)

Overhead Presses


Squat Thrusters

Group 3:

25 of each and after each set of 25 you run a lap around Mount Chiseled.

Speed Skaters

High Heel Curb Squats

Plank Jacks

Canadian Air Beavers (Apparently no one knows what Canadian Beavers are. I guess not enough guys attend Diesel)

Captain Morgan Squats (25 each leg)

Bobby Hurley’s

In place lunges

Group 4:

25 of each and after each set of 25 you run a lap around Mount Chiseled.

Curl to Overhead Press

Kettlebell Swings

21’s (obviously only doing 7 of each curl to total 21)

Zombie Curl (This was done at a previous workout over the years that I have always had in my Q’s. I want to say maybe at an IPC workout. Fuse Box says he has never seen this done at a workout he attended). Zombie Curl is a curl, then push/pull coupon straight out/in and return.

Step ups on the coupon (lift each knee/leg up high)

5 Superman’s


I was happy to see everyone working hard. Everyone seemed to be into the workout. Im looking forward to leading this type of workout more often in my future Q’s. There was a little confusion as to which way the groups would rotate which I did not step up and correct, so Fuse Box took leadership of it which turned into a comical time. I appreciate those of you who made it to Chiseled and actually put in the work. I am very hard on myself and seeing you guys put in the hard work made me feel like I was respected and that my weinke was a quality one. Afterwards, I made sure to get my Q critiqued by Fuse Box and Chastain which they pointed out my mistakes and how to correct them.

Popeye took us out as I am not confident enough to lead us in doing that. I am shy and not good in public speaking and giving speeches. Its something I plan on working on to help make myself a more successful Q in the future.


Congrats to the Effee award winning Elmers who has now become the Co Site Q of Chiseled along with Loafer. Thank You to Ex Lax for your time and dedication of being a Site Q.

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Thank You for taking the time to read this.


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