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Prep for Corporate and some running…

DiCCS given and before we launched, I explained that I think we could use some work on our own on the F3 Mission Statement and Credo before the next time “corporate” comes down to Waxhaw…

Pop quiz!  Asked who knows the F3 mission statement and credo…
Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
The F3 Credo is:  Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.
Recalculating was closest…work to be done…
off we went.

Warm Up and Stretch:
Mosey to front of Middle SchoolReviewed how to call out exercises.
Did 10 SSH myselfpassed out 10 Merkins to Two Hand TouchCalf StretchRunners pose – right foot, right hand, left foot left handJimmy Dugan
Ask mission statement, and credo…Getting better…

The Thang:
High School Alcoves:
20 dips on benches, 15 donkey kicks, 15 mike tysons….X 2

Ask M.S. and Credo…Wrong…5 merkins this time

Suicide Islands:
starting at south end, go to first island, do 2 merkins, run back…go to 2nd island, do 4 merkins, run back…repeat on all 8 islands to get up to 16 merkins

Rock Work, IC:
Popeye lead curls, he would have gone for literal days until I called it around 35IC (which was more like 60ish)
Magnolia lead shoulder press
And I forget now who lead rows, but nice work!

Ask M.S. and Credofinally starting to get it!

Final Path with Stops:
run from Transporter’s Shed to COT with burpees at every other light, increment 1 each stop

Ask M.S. and CredoWe got it! mostly…


Good sized group who put up with the 3.33 miles of running and pushed hard!  Great effort and proud to lead them.  Hopefully we’re better prepared for Dredd or Dark Helmet next time!

Blood Drive this Sat, April 9th, more signups needed, on Group Me
Waxhaw Trail Fest Sat April 30th, sign up this week for T-shirt (part of registration fee)
Zin has F3 Choo Choo stickers…

Close out by YHC

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